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Increased Demand for Trekking has Spurred the Usage of Sleeping Bags


Increased Demand for Trekking has Spurred the Usage of Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is an essential commodity that protects people from cold outdoor or cool environments. They are extensively used for relief and rescue work, field training, and recreation & traveling.

Choosing the right sleeping bag is important for attaining maximum comfort. Generally, trekkers and campers prefer sleeping bags that provide enough room to roll over and stretch out. That is the reason many sleeping bags have a rectangular design. Also, choosing the right type of insulation becomes important for achieving the optimum experience. When all these features are taken into consideration, customers can obtain an ideal sleeping bag.

The growing number of trekkers, mountaineers and campers has increased the demand for sleeping bags across the world. Sleeping bags are resistant to rains, snow, and winds owing to their excellent insulating properties. These bags have superior cushioning at the bottom that provides comfort. Moderate water repellence with some extra plastic covering offers users safety from moist surfaces. The rise in the number of outdoor and recreational activities will invigorate the consumption of sleeping bags.

As per the recent reports, the sleeping bag market is anticipated to record substantial growth in the coming years.

The expanding outdoor industry to bolster the demand for sleeping bags

Many people across the world have shifted their focus on personal care by opting to go for frequent treks and camps. This growing preference for a healthier lifestyle has encouraged customers to invest in commodities necessary for these activities.

Also, many trekkers and mountaineers set their camps on top of mountains where the temperatures are low and the weather there can be windy or rainy. Sleeping bags are suitable for these conditions which is the reason campaigners carry them along with their tents.

Technological advancements to enhance the overall comfort of sleeping bags

Sleeping bag manufacturers are conducting research activities for obtaining the right material for optimizing the comfort of consumers. Novel materials like aerogel insulators reduce the total weight of these bags and increase the warmth owing to their excellent thermal conductivity. Such activities will substantially enhance the industry’s growth.

The growing trend of bag packing in Asia Pacific

There is a growing preference for trekkers and hikers to camp on mountains like Mt. Everest and K2. This has increased the demand for equipment that can sustain in extreme conditions of these locations. In addition, developing countries like India and China are heavily investing in the tourism sector to encourage people in visiting these places. All these factors are responsible for the growing insistence for sleeping bags in the Asia Pacific region.

On the other hand, European countries like Germany, France, Spain have also witnessed a surge in the number of people opting for recreational and outdoor activities. Such a growing awareness for a healthier and stress-free lifestyle has prompted the consumption of traveling equipment like sleeping bags in the region.

Many key industry players are expanding their businesses with frequent product launches and collaborations with tourism industry players to strengthen their position in the market. For instance, Helinox and NEIGHBORHOOD established a collaboration in 2019 and they introduced an innovative change by using aluminum in producing sleeping bags, making them portable and lightweight. Such ventures will possibly enhance the sales figures of these players, thus expanding the sleeping bag industry.