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SeaCube Announces Addition of 5,000 High-Cube Containers


SeaCube Announces Addition of 5,000 High-Cube Containers

Leading container leasing company SeaCube announced the addition of 5,000 refrigerated containers to its inventory. These additions will serve as added support for growing demand for refrigerated container leasing options for shippers.

Carrier Transicold – part of Carrier Global Container Refrigeration, manufactures the PrimeLINE ONE refrigerated containers jointly with Dong Fang International Container Co., Ltd., which is also part of the COSCO group. Carrier is best known for its offerings in innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

“We continue to specify Carrier Transicold for the majority of our refrigerated containers based primarily on our customers’ preferences,” said Bob Sappio, CEO of SeaCube. “More often than not, our customers want the Carrier machine, and the workhorse PrimeLINE system remains the standard-bearer, while interest in PrimeLINE ONE continues to grow.”

The 40-foot high-cube container additions are a combination of PrimeLINE and PrimeLINE ONE units. In addition to the 1,000 PrimeLINE ONE units added in 2020, SeaCube confirmed a total 2,950 PrimeLINE ONE refrigerated containers added in the past year alone, representing the highest number of any container leasing company.

Features of these containers delivering energy efficiencies include digital systems such as a digital scroll compressor, rapid pull-down, tight temperature control, high air-flow performance and more.

“SeaCube has long specified Carrier Transicold container refrigeration units, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue serving its needs with our popular PrimeLINE systems, which have been the industry leader in sales for more than a decade,” said Kartik Kumar, vice president and general manager, Carrier Global Container Refrigeration.

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Globe Tracker & SeaCube for One Network Express IoT Gensets

One Network Express (ONE) confirmed an IoT-focused partnership with SeaCube Containers and Globe Tracker to develop a genset solution through utilizing Global Tracker’s layered technology capabilities. This along with other market solutions continue the reported increase in maritime logistics IoT demand overall.

“The growing demand for greater tracking, transparency, security, diagnostics and asset fleet management using smart technology will continue to be a key driver for leased solutions. By partnering with Globe Tracker, we will continue to enhance our leading-edge technology solutions and expand our commitment to the intermodal industry by providing smart asset technology leased products,” said Greg Tuthill, Chief Commercial Officer at SeaCube.
At the center of the development of the solution remains increasing visibility with smarter tracking abilities, specifically impacting reefer fleets. The anticipated kickoff of full operations is currently scheduled for mid-September through the end of 2019.
“We are extremely pleased to be working with SeaCube in providing this best-in-class genset solution to ONE. In genset telematics, we are the only provider integrated into the micro-controller of 2 out of the 3 leading brands in North America. This provides ONE with the most robust amount of data and assists in setting maintenance intervals, reducing maintenance costs, extending asset life, monitoring fuel consumption and having full operational visibility of their genset assets,” notes John Harnett, Senior Director Marine and Intermodal at Globe Tracker.