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BYD Brings Sustainable Transportation to Florida


BYD Brings Sustainable Transportation to Florida

The City of Ocala, Florida represents the first in the state to add Build Your Dreams-branded innovative trucking solutions to its fleet.

The Ocala City Council confirmed the approval of five Class 8 battery-electric refuse trucks to replace the currently used internal combustion-powered trucks. The addition of the trucks will begin through the pre-approved 2021 three “quiet, clean-electric” refuse trucks with the addition of two more trucks to follow in 2022.

“The community of Ocala has taken a leadership role in Florida with the purchase of these BYD electric trucks,” said John Gerra, Sr. GerrDirector of Business Development with BYD Motors.

Officials confirmed these will bring an estimated fuel cost savings of nearly 78 percent. The refuse trucks offer impressive maintenance cost savings as well, with officials stating upwards of 75 percent expected in savings. The addition of the refuse trucks equals a total life cycle savings of approximately $270,000 and a return on the taxpayers’ investment in under 5 years for the City of Ocala. BYD confirmed union labor in the U.S. will be responsible for assembly.

“All BYD trucks are purpose-built and utilize our proprietary safe battery technology that exceeds the requirements for some of the most rigorous safety-testing programs around the world,” Gerra concluded.

Build Your Dreams (BYD) is an LA-based innovative manufacturing company that boasts the title of the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles globally in addition to pioneering battery-electric transportation solutions across the globe. Known for being the “Official sponsor for Mother Nature,” the company is also heavily involved in sustainable development, workforce diversity, and community service.