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Raspberry and Blackberry Imports in North America and Europe Grow Tangibly


Raspberry and Blackberry Imports in North America and Europe Grow Tangibly

IndexBox has just published a new report: ‘World – Raspberries And Blackberries – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights’. Here is a summary of the report’s key findings.

Global imports of raspberry and blackberry jumped by +7% y-o-y to $3.4B in 2020. The U.S. remains the largest importer with the fastest-growing volume of imports. The Netherlands, Spain and Canada also feature solid gains in the imported volume. The average raspberry and blackberry import price dropped by -2.7% y-o-y in 2020. Mexico emerges as the largest exporter of raspberry and blackberry worldwide, dominating the U.S. import market.  

Global Raspberry and Blackberry Imports

In value terms, raspberry and blackberry imports rose by +7.1% y-o-y to $3.4B in 2020 (IndexBox estimates). Global imports of raspberries and blackberries rose significantly to 467K tonnes, increasing by +10% compared with 2019 figures.

In value terms, the U.S. ($1.5B) constitutes the largest market for imported raspberries and blackberries worldwide, comprising 45% of global imports. The second position in the ranking was occupied by Canada ($322M), with a 9.5% share of global imports. It was followed by Germany, with a 9.1% share.

In 2020, the U.S. (208K tonnes) represented the main importer of raspberries and blackberries, mixing up 45% of total imports. The U.S. was the fastest-growing in terms of raspberries and blackberries imports, with a +21.9%-increase. In 2020, the U.S. (+4.3 p.p.) significantly strengthened its position in terms of the global imports.

Canada (44K tonnes) took the second position in the ranking, followed by Germany (42K tonnes), the UK (37K tonnes), Spain (35K tonnes), the Netherlands (24K tonnes) and France (22K tonnes). All these countries together took near 44% share of total imports. In 2020, the Netherlands (+11.8% y-o-y), Spain (+10.5% y-o-y) and Canada (+5.5%y-o-y) displayed positive paces of growth in terms of import volume.

The average raspberry and blackberry import price stood at $7,273 per tonne in 2020, dropping by -2.7% against the previous year. Average prices varied noticeably amongst the major importing countries. In 2020, major importing countries recorded the following prices: in the UK ($7,669 per tonne) and the Netherlands ($7,508 per tonne), while France ($6,289 per tonne) and Spain ($6,301 per tonne) were amongst the lowest. In 2020, the most notable rate of growth in terms of prices was attained by Germany, while the other global leaders experienced mixed trends in the import price figures.

Major Suppliers of Raspberry and Blackberry Worldwide

Mexico (95K tonnes), Spain (64K tonnes), the U.S. (47K tonnes), Morocco (36K tonnes), Portugal (29K tonnes) and the Netherlands (24K tonnes) represented roughly 89% of total exports of raspberries and blackberries in 2020. In value terms, Spain ($516M), Mexico ($445M) and the U.S. ($346M) constituted the countries with the highest levels of exports in 2020, with a combined 58% share of global exports.

In 2020, Mexico (205K tonnes) was the main raspberry and blackberry supplier to the U.S. with a 99%-share of total imports. Mexican and American suppliers occupied the Canadian import market.

Source: IndexBox Platform