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Colombian Trade Agency Reborn as PROCOLOMBIA

Colombian Trade Agency Reborn as PROCOLOMBIA

Bogota, Colombia – Proexport, the Colombian government agency charged with promoting tourism, trade and investment has been reborn as PROCOLOMBIA.

This new organization “will reach more people in its mission, build better export companies and will strengthen the pursuit of foreign investment for new projects that create more supply, employment and growth.”

PROCOLOMBIA is “the response to the progressive increase of organizational functions, its expansion and its results.”

The name change was predicated on a survey of Colombian and foreign entrepreneurs which concluded that the name of Proexport did not reflect its reach or convey its link to Colombia.

The name PROCOLOMBIA “is self-explanatory, resounding and more inclusive.”

The agency was formed over a process of more than eight months. The agency “will work to position the country’s brand, consolidate Colombia as a tourist destination and coordinate the promotional activities with public and private agencies that can help capitalize the country’s name and be able to position it as a supplier of quality products and services.”

It will also “broaden its scope in the internationalization of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) offering trade services supported by specialists who will work with them in an incubator environment.”

PROCOLOMBIA will launch a new Export Mentoring Program, aimed at strengthening alliances between firms with export experience, or foreign investors, and MSMEs interested in the internationalization process to gain overall competitiveness.

Export culture programs will also be strengthened so that Colombian entrepreneurs can adapt their products to satisfy global demand.