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Anti-Reflective Prescription Goggles to Witness Considerable Demand


Anti-Reflective Prescription Goggles to Witness Considerable Demand

Prescription goggles are getting highly popular eyewear among people, who generally use contacts or glasses. These goggles are generally made up of tough polycarbonate and provide features of shatterproof design, better vision, comfort, stability, and many more. Prescription goggles are also specifically designed to be used during various sports and other activities including construction and landscaping. Some of these googles come with anti-fog coating, which prevents fogging and is highly suitable in situations where having a clear vision plays a critical role.

Prescription sports eyewear is witnessing strong demand across swimming, volleyball, diving, baseball, golf, snow sports, and others. With the increase in the number of sports participation and sports events globally, the adoption of prescription glasses is likely to mount considerably in the upcoming years. Global prescription goggles market size is anticipated to significantly grow by 2027.

Polycarbonate goggles demand over plastic glasses

The industry share from the polycarbonate goggles segment is predicted to grow at a notable rate up to 2027, owing to an increasing preference for plastic glasses or lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, impact-resistant, and provide protection against UV rays, owing to which they are highly suitable in many applications. These applications include sports goggles, safety glasses used in industrial settings or workshops, space shuttle windshields, helmet visors for astronauts, and others.

Popularity of rimless lens

The rimless lens segment is expected to witness a considerable share in the prescription goggles industry. Rimless lenses are extremely lightweight, less noticeable than the framed glasses, and leaves no marks on the face. These properties are making them highly popular eyewear among corporate professionals, doctors, and students, who are required to continuously wear lenses due to their profession.

AR coated glasses for automotive

The prescription goggles industry share from anti-reflective coating lenses is slated to grow substantially over the next few years. Anti-reflective (AR) coated lenses reduce eyestrains, improve vision, and make eyeglass more attractive. AR lenses are highly preferred in sunglasses, as it eliminates glares from sunlight. Computer glasses are highly adopted among working professionals, employees, students, and computer operators, which help in eliminating eye problems caused by blue light rays.

Prevalence of eye injury in North America

North America’s prescription goggles industry will expand at a notable pace, owing to the presence of corporate sector consumers generating tremendous demand for anti-reflective and rimless lenses. Moreover, the region has a high prevalence of eye problems among employees, which is creating strong demand for polycarbonate lenses.

RxSport, Wenzhou Sunshine Optics, Uvex Safety Group, Speedo, Wenzhou Sunshine Optics, Goggleman, and Essilor, are among some notable makers of prescribed goggles globally. These companies are emphasizing partnerships, mergers, and new product development to enhance their market share and strengthen their presence in the global market.

Recent technological advancements in contacts and lenses have significantly enhanced eye vision even in the low-light and continuous light interference. For instance, the application of modern anti-reflective coatings can eliminate the reflection from lenses and allow 99.5% of light to refract through the lenses and enter the eye for better vision.