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Pennsylvania Unveils New Rail Freight Investment Package

Pennsylvania Unveils New Rail Freight Investment Package

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has unveiled a $35.9 million investment package to fund 39 rail freight improvement projects around the state.

The projects encompass 23 counties and include track realignment and construction, bridge rehabilitation, improved grade crossings, siding and turnout construction, switch and tie replacement, drainage improvement, and general repair.

In addition to a number of the state’s rail carriers, the government in Harrisburg worked with several agencies such as the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corp., the Chester County Economic Development Council, the Redevelopment Authority of Luzerne County and the Philadelphia Port Authority to identify critical projects that required funding to accomplish.

“Transportation is a proven economic driver and these investments will help these companies maintain and create more jobs,’’ said Corbett. “Ensuring that these facilities and assets are ready to meet consumer demands is vital to keeping our state competitive.”

Pennsylvania is one of the most ‘rail active’ states in the US. Currently, more than 60 common freight carriers including Conrail and CSX, which, alone, operates more than 2,000 miles of track in the state.

Since January 2011, the state has pumped more than $167 million into its rail infrastructure.

Last November, Corbett signed State Act 89, a far-reaching transportation program that cleared the way for significant investments in all transportation modes, particularly the rail sector.