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PCC Reaches Vancouver Destination

PCC Reaches Vancouver Destination

Vancouver welcomes Japanese Pure Car Carrier (PCC) Monoceros Leader last week, bringing with it 2,270 Subaru vehicles for discharge across the Northern U.S. along with Captain D’Lima and the 23-member crew on November 8.

The Monoceros Leader has an impressive dead-weight capacity of 19,159 metric tons, providing the ability to transport up to 7,100 units within its 656 feet of length and capacity.

This is a prime example of what some of the largest PCCs are designed to accomplish within the vessel capabilities around the world, transporting thousands of tons to the market.

The voyage kicked off in October with Captain D’Lima and his crew on a mission to provide additional vehicles to the West Coast ports for Northern U.S. buyers distribution, primarily Port Hueneme, California – the final destination of the maiden voyage.


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