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Ryder Industries Onboards New VP of Engineering

Ryder Industries Onboards New VP of Engineering

Wilson Chan is the newest name to represent Swiss-based
leading Electronics Manufacturing Service provider, Ryder Industries. Mr. Chan will serve as the company’s VP of Engineering.

Ryder Insutries- which operates in China, confirmed Mr. Chan’s extensive 20+ years of ODM/OEM experience in EMS will further efforts in New Product Introduction (NPI) while tapping into opportunities with IoT.

“We’re very excited to have Wilson join us,” Ryder CEO, Henry Wu said. “His skillset is exactly in the areas we are focused on. It’s great to align with someone who knows how important New Product Introduction (NPI) and overall DFM are to our customers’ success, and who already understands how to make that happen.”

In addition to his extensive experience with ODM/OEM design and manufacturing, Mr. Chan also brings a robust network of leading manufacturers he closely collaborates with to continue meeting market demands and trends.

“Ryder is a place where I can demonstrate both my design capability and NPI management skills,” explains Wilson. “It’s clear that Ryder places great importance on Research & Design, and as a result has a long history of customer satisfaction. I’m looking forward to providing excellent engineering design services with this terrific team.”