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Softbox Supports Delivery of Life-Saving Medicines to Africa

Softbox Supports Delivery of Life-Saving Medicines to Africa

Tanzanian children in need of oncology medication will soon receive a third shipment of life-saving medicine next month thanks to efforts between cold chain packaging systems provider, Softbox and International Health Partners (IHP). Softbox’s Silverpod pallet shippers have already delivered 1,400 courses of medicine and will add another 500 following next month’s delivery.

Softbox’s donation has enabled us to send these much-needed medicines to those who desperately need it,” said Colleen Harrisson-Dodds, IHP’s Logistics Director. “The pharmaceutical companies we work with recommended Softbox’s packaging, and we are very pleased with the result. This is an ongoing programme, and we hope to continue delivering this medicine to our partner hospital in Tanzania, as they have no other access to it and many more patients are in need.”

IHP first consulted with Softbox last year to determine a temperature-controlled packaging solution to safely transport the life-saving medicines at a 2-8°C range. The award-winning Silverpod pallet shippers transport the medications via airfreight directly to IHP’s Tanzanian-based aid partner, TLM.

“We are proud to be working with IHP to help achieve the safe temperature control transportation of these life-saving medicines. Knowing our packaging is helping these children to have a healthier and happier life is very rewarding, and we are very proud to be part of this fantastic initiative.”