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Get More from Your Digital Value Chain

digital value chain

Get More from Your Digital Value Chain

Business collaboration is all about uniting people, information, applications, and processes across an extended business network of consumers, partners, suppliers, distributors, and farmers, across all industries including agriculture, energy, metals, and mining. The idea is to break out of silos and connect to your partners in sourcing, supply, and procurement. Working as one is the new digital reality.

The challenge

Raw material and commodity businesses (from traders to supply chain to customers) across agriculture, energy, metals, and mining, need to communicate in real-time with their business partners to buy/sell, negotiate, manage supply chain operations and for financial settlements. There is a serious need to get more out of the digital value chain through automated workflows, custom dashboards, real-time chats with all counterparties, system integrations and analytics across the entire value chain, to solve business problems more efficiently.

Solutions that will help build digital value chains

-Partner onboarding: Digitalize and automate partner onboarding and reduce time spent on transactional processes.

-Contract management: Eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and accountability by automating contract management workflows.

-Supply chain collaboration: Bring digitalization into your global value network and collaborate with your partners in the supply chain with superior visibility.

-Integration: A cloud-native solution designed to help you overcome collaboration silos and deliver a singular view of your business.

Connecting production, supply chain, and customers

Business collaboration ultimately means connecting to your network directly and unifying end-to-end processes. You can unify every step of the process by managing trading and risk, financial management, and digital supply chain with powerful enterprise applications that add a digital edge to enable faster decisions.


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