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GlobalTranz Announces New Transportation Management System

GlobalTranz Announces New Transportation Management System

GTZcommand – known as “The ultimate control tower for real-time freight management,” is the latest and greatest TMS creation from leading technology and third-party logistics solutions company, GlobalTranz Enterprises. The company revealed the advanced software during this year’s annual conference, adding to the already impressive list of award-winning cloud-based multi-modal Transportation Management System (TMS) products offered to customers.

“GTZcommand is multimodal, multi-vendor, and multi-currency, and takes a holistic view of our client’s shipments as individual movements, independent of mode.  Our customers view logistics and transportation as a strategic imperative. Our software and solutions provide our customers with competitive and operative advantages. We make complex movements simple,” said chief technology officer Greg Carter.

Features of the new TMS include a mobile optimized design, enhanced product security, “always up” durability, pricing engines, as well as API compatibility, providing seamless integration with enterprise systems. Additionally, the product provides a variety of tools for shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers through its integration with the GTZconnect™ software suite.

“Since our founding in 2003, GlobalTranz has maintained a steady focus on developing industry-leading technology to serve the needs of shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers.  As a technology company, we are focused on continually improving the user experience through significant product innovation,” said Renee Krug, GlobalTranz’s chief executive officer. “GlobalTranz will continue to deliver solutions that shippers need to thrive in today’s changing market, including predictive analytics, machine learning, and automation.”

Source: GlobalTranz