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Why We Need More Women in the Supply Chain Industry

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Why We Need More Women in the Supply Chain Industry

Closing the gender gap in the business world is one of the hottest topics today. We live in a modern world where skills and knowledge take precedence over gender. However, it is a fact that we need more women in the supply chain industry. Currently, men hold between 70% – 85% of jobs in supply chain management. Let’s see why the apparent lack of women in this industry exists and how to fix that problem.

Why is there a lack of women workers in the supply chain industry?

We are not saying that there are no women in the logistics industry. The year 2020 was beneficial for women in the supply chain. However, we need to see more female employees and leaders here.

There are many reasons why we see such low numbers of women in the supply chain industry. We can only take a wild guess, but it could be due to a couple of reasons. First, it could be because the majority of companies are not hiring women in these positions. Second, there could be that there is not enough female talent in the supply industry available at the moment. It might be that women don’t find this particular career choice interesting, and they wish to pursue other options in life.

It is imperative to think about the reasons behind them and the best ways to break these stereotypes. We must find a way to encourage women to seek jobs in the logistics industry. There is an abundance of benefits for this, so let’s see what they are.

Women offer a unique view

It is a fact that women see things differently than men. When it comes to a leadership position in a company, this may play a very crucial role. A unique view builds leadership skills and gives birth to fresh ideas and strategic approaches.

Communication are other soft skills are some of the strongest tools at a woman’s disposal

Even though business mainly needs expertise, there is also an inseparable part called communication. Here is where women really excel. Their communication skills are on a higher level, and women can lead a business conversation from a different perspective.

What are some barriers for women in the supply chain industry?

In most cases, the most significant barrier for women in the supply chain industry is the lack of exposure. We need to work towards making the entry process more visible. For example, it is a good idea to look at the cities with the most women in the construction industry. There is a link between construction and logistics, which could be the first step towards introducing supply chain management to women.

What can women do to succeed in the logistics industry?

In order to get more women into the supply chain industry, it is crucial to focus on the right areas. The goal is to build a path of success by encouraging a leadership mindset.

It is essential to build a template that will help identify talented, high-performing women. Furthermore, there is a need for individual feedback. That approach helps in empowering women and encouraging them to take on positions with more responsibility.

Finding and using leadership opportunities is an excellent way to build an aspirational career path and help women find their spot in the logistics industry.

How to attract womens’ attention to the supply industry jobs?

We spoke earlier about the possibility that women look for other interests in their business lives. However, the supply chain offers interesting jobs as well.

One way to attract female talent is to introduce creative ideas. Mentoring and education courses, labs, workshops, and sponsorship programs are just some ideas. Through this creative approach, we can diversify the supply chain talent recruitment.

There is a bright future for women in the supply chain industry

With everything said, we can clearly see there is a bright future for women in the supply chain industry. The idea is to recruit talented individuals, train them, and introduce them to the organization.  Currently, there are more technology chiefs than SEO positions that women hold in the logistics industry. However, through the correct approach, we need to work on developing technical and leadership skills. Supply chain diversity is the best way for women to seize the opportunities of the corporate world.


Nathan Johnson is a small business owner in the supply chain industry and a freelance blogger for Vision Movers FL and other relocation companies. Through his experience and expertise in the business, he aims to help young, talented individuals become successful professionals.