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Kerry Coffee Establishes Position in Hong Kong, Macau

Kerry Coffee Establishes Position in Hong Kong, Macau

Kerry Logistics will fulfill its vision of deepening its two-year partnership with illycaffè through the launch of sole distributor, Kerry Coffee Limited, which will oversee and distribute the illycaffè’s iperEspresso coffee machines, capsules, coffee beans, and more throughout Hong Kong and

“The establishment of Kerry Coffee and the consolidation of illycaffè’s full product range under the new company will enhance the cost-efficiency of the sales and distribution operation, and enable illycaffè to increase its market share and brand recognition in Hong Kong and Macau,” commented
Robert Berger, Executive Director – Fashion & Lifestyle of Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong) in response to the news.

Kerry Coffee will create a full consolidation of illycaffè’s products under a single operator, further establishing its position in the coffee market and competitor in the region, ultimately meeting increased demand in the growing coffee culture.

Additionally, Kerry Logistics confirmed it will continue its original role of providing logistics support along with sales and marketing for the global coffee company. Marketing initiatives include brand recognition and increasing market shares.

“The development also enriches Kerry Logistics’ food services business and allows greater product diversification to serve HORECA and club customers in Hong Kong and Macau,” Berger added in the release.

Source: Kerry Logistics

Kerry Cold Chain & Zhizhen Logistics Expand Food-Related Cold Chain Efforts

Kerry Logistics confirmed it will expand its current food-related cold chain efforts in mainland China through a joint venture formed between Kerry Cold Chain Solution Ltd. and Shanghai Zhizhen Logistics Co Ltd. The joint venture enables Kerry Logistics to fulfill its vision of tapping into niche food products growing in domestic markets while expanding its global footprint.

“The market for food-related cold chain logistics in mainland China is immense with enormous growth potential,” Edwardo Erni, Managing Director – China and North Asia of Kerry Logistics, said. “There is also ample room for technological growth to reach international standards.”

Currently operating 1 million sq ft of cold chain facilities in the region, Kerry Logistics will add the handling of food products such as raw ingredients and dairy product additives. Zhizhen Logistics brings an impressive domestic and international customer network throughout regions including Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

“Intending to fill a gap in the market, we welcome the collaboration with Zhizhen Logistics, which marks an important strategic step for Kerry Logistics to extend its footprint in the domestic cold chain logistics market, enhancing our service offerings and competitiveness,” Erni concluded.