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Monarch Air Group: How Private Aviation has Increased Demand During the Pandemic

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Monarch Air Group: How Private Aviation has Increased Demand During the Pandemic

Fort Lauderdale private jet provider Monarch Air Group provides some insights on why the industry is flying high while commercial aviation is still grounded.

While the aviation industry is recovering slowly from the pandemic, it is safe to say that a vast number of commercial planes are still grounded. This is not the case with private aviation, which has registered a steady increase in demand.

Offering a reliable point-to-point service

Constant changes in travel restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic meant a hard time for travel planning, thus passengers turned to private aviation for a reliable option for their flights. Many gaps in the scheduled networks appeared overnight, and only private air companies had the operational capacity to step in and provide a solution.

Although worldwide passenger traffic dropped 66% last year through November, according to the International Air Transport Association, private jet operations fell only 11% in December, the best monthly performance since the pandemic started, as data from WingX indicates. Furthermore, the same data shows that traffic to and from Florida improved by 12% in December from 2019, with the Caribbean serving as another recurring destination.

Safety as the main driver for bookings

While health concerns and hefty travel restrictions have kept commercial aviation grounded, those who can afford to travel by private jet, thus avoiding crowded airports and getting exposed to the virus, are doing so at a similar pace to pre-Covid travel levels.

Private jets reduce chances of contamination thanks to a safer and swifter overall process that consists of arriving at the parking area of a private jet terminal and then going directly to a private lounge just steps away from the thoroughly sanitized private aircraft that will take you to your destination.

Furthermore, online pricing tools with live quotes like the one provided by Monarch Air Group have played a key role in the increased demand thanks to a user-centered booking experience.

New passengers are playing a major role

Once you try private there is no going back. With the headaches of commercial travel, many new passengers have been keen to experiencing private aviation. This is a huge win for the industry worldwide, because this increase in demand has helped reduce the gap left by the lack of business-related operations as previously mentioned.

Furthermore, companies will start sending their executives worldwide again, which means that private aviation might be in a better shape than before coronavirus, when considering the passengers that have jumped onboard and have no intentions to going back to commercial, in addition to the regular leisure and business operations in the market.

Overall, it is the reliability and safety provided by private aviation which has helped to maintain and, even in some cases, increase the demand of operations. While commercial travel disruption has no visible ending point, executive charter companies are ready to deliver a flexible travel solution to any corner in the world, offering passengers a truly unique customer-centric experience.


How Tech and Innovation has Propelled the Private Jet Industry to New Heights

Do you need to book a last-minute private jet flight from your phone using cryptocurrency?

Leading private jet companies like Monarch Air Group have understood that investing in technology in this shared economy is instrumental to serve a technology-driven pool of customers. As President David Gitman stated, “having the capacity to adapt to customer expectations and behaviors will lead to higher levels of trust and satisfaction.” In other words, being able to meet the needs of today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment is paramount for the long-term success of the entire private jet industry. And technology is the key for that relationship.

The Fort Lauderdale-based firm was one of the first in the industry to accept digital currencies to book their charter flights. This came as a response to their client’s needs, an extremely fast-shifting group of customers. “The days when private aviation only served large corporations and multimillionaires are long gone. Today, with the rise of the millennials and the need for more reliable and safe ways of transportation, private aviation is experiencing a true shift in demand. Adapting to those new requirements is our commitment”, said Gitman.

From market research to booking apps and instant quoting systems, the business aviation market is using all available tools to understand what drives clients towards their service. Do they travel for business or pleasure? What is the best way to stay connected with each client and receive feedback? All these questions give relevant information to improve customer service and satisfaction and make each passenger’s flight highly tailored and unique.

A fast-paced environment

The flexibility and agility of private aviation are also represented in the capacity to adapt to new technologies and innovations. Tailoring every aspect of the experience to the customer and making passengers really feel in control of their flight process defines private jet flight. Choosing the departure and landing point, the aircraft, in-flight amenities, ground transportation and method of payment is only possible thanks to technology.

Although planes are fast, time efficiency can be affected if the right equipment is not in place to serve the passengers. Innovative live quoting tools, instant bookings, and cryptocurrency-based payments lead the way today. Monarch Air Group launched a unique charter cost calculator to provide users a faster and easier way to receive a quote. Once users are prompted to select, they can decide on an option depending on the distance and desired aircraft type. Upon making their selection, the user’s flight request is then submitted to a group of Account Executives who will assist clients in finalizing their travel plans in just minutes.

This technology-driven booking functionality enables customers to make all their travel arrangements on their phone, also providing text or chat, video conference, and even video messaging features to connect with the client.

High expectations

Entrepreneurs are gaining relevance within this segment and expect charter companies to move as fast as their businesses. They need the aircraft ready after they book it through the smartphone in their pockets and do not want more steps in the process, like confirmation phone calls (they prefer text, video, or even email), and possible last-minute setbacks. They also have a need for a quiet in-flight experience. Their aircraft must be equipped with the latest technology to provide a working space along with a relaxed atmosphere.

Their fast-paced world is well paired with private air travel. Time efficiency is this sector’s main asset. Take-off in minutes after arriving at the terminal with no check-in lines and landing at the private airport that is closest to the destination. Private aviation adapts completely to a business environment where time is money.

“The need to exceed expectations is paramount as well as understanding the dynamic trends developing at unparalleled speed. The technology within this industry is second to none, from a user standpoint (booking and payment) and a safety and maintenance perspective. Accounting all these variables will help us deliver an all-around exceptional service”, concludes Gitman.

Modern aircraft and top-notch facilities are important, although an agile business model will be the difference-maker in today’s economy. Technology, innovation, and flexibility will. Paying for a flight on the spot with cryptocurrencies, credit, or debit cards are solutions driven by technology, although remaining flexible to the client’s requests and working towards solutions instead of excuses is driven by superior customer service; pairing both aspects will lead this industry to achieve new heights.