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Siemens Offers Turnkey Logistic Solutions for Material Handling Processes at MODEX 2022


Siemens Offers Turnkey Logistic Solutions for Material Handling Processes at MODEX 2022

Siemens will exhibit at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 28-31, 2022. MODEX is the premier supply chain event, attracting industry professionals from across the globe.

Highlights will include the new SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE, designed for ultra-low-voltage applications, in a demonstration of an automated guided vehicle (AGV). Also featured will be the new SINAMICS G115D, a recently released distributed drive system, specifically designed for conveyor applications.

Displays in the Siemens booth will include drives for motion control, material handling and intralogistics applications that are controlled by SIMATIC PLCs with unified HMI panels and integrated safety, all programmed in the Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal. Additional topics in the booth include Industrial Edge and cybersecurity.

Another highlight will focus on a project Siemens recently completed for a customer in Kentucky. Siemens supplied a fully automated mega warehouse with 200,000 pallet positions as a turnkey project which distributes laundry and home care products to 60% of the U.S. market, with all logistics operations performed at this production site. The benefits Siemens offered, in addition to all mechanical deliveries, include a modular automation standard by SIMATIC, SINAMICS, SIMOTICS and SIMOGEAR standard components and INTRALOG TIA software modules resulting in increased delivery reliability (on-time and defect-free.)


SCALLOG is Supported by the Intralogistics Specialist SPAN to Accelerate its Development in the Middle East.

As part of its international expansion strategy, SCALLOG announces the signing of a commercial agreement with SPAN, a renowned player in the optimization and automation of distribution centers in the Near and Middle East.

During the Dubai World Expo where French innovation shines, SCALLOG agreed to enter into a partnership agreement with recognized intralogistics expert SPAN to market their “Goods to Man” robotic solutions in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. It marks SCALLOG’s desire to develop in a market with strong development potential, in search of innovative solutions to build the logistics of the future by capitalizing on a regional base, expertise in logistics, numerous references and a long-term relationship with SPAN. As Olivier Rochet, CEO of SCALLOG tells us: “We are pleased to partner with an intralogistics expert like SPAN who will bring our value proposition to the fastest-growing markets in the Middle East. A “made in France” robotic logistics solution, highly flexible and scalable, that automates and optimizes order picking, with agility and resilience, and with a constant focus on reducing costs and lead times.

An extremely heterogeneous and competitive market in search of innovation.

As in Europe, the Covid-19 epidemic in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula has accelerated changes in buying behavior and triggered a boom in e-commerce. According to the latest Market Research Feedback study commissioned by Tiktok, 90% of the users of this social network in Saudi Arabia, 83% in the United Arab Emirates, and 79% in Egypt have significantly increased their online shopping habits in 2020. In order to meet the new omnichannel requirements for consumers, the distribution centers in these countries must now rationalize and automate their logistics operations to increase productivity and accelerate their throughput while limiting their labor requirements.

Hoda Daniel, Strategy and Communication Director at SPAN, explains to us the specific features of the market: “The Middle East is a heterogeneous market, as diverse as the countries it comprises. Today, three countries stand out in terms of investment and the deployment of intralogistics resources: Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. However, they each have their own criteria in terms of regulation, infrastructure, etc… Companies in these countries are therefore looking for a local partner, an expert in intralogistics, who perfectly understands their specific needs, provides tailored solutions and builds long-term relationships, just like SPAN.”

A leading player in intralogistics in the Middle East

Founded in 1989, SPAN is a key player in the modernization of intralogistics in distribution centers, in terms of advice and technological solutions. With a team of over 370 associates and a presence in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Beirut, the company has unrivaled experience in its market with projects completed in over 30 countries across all sectors of activity. In addition, it is well known for its wide range of automation solutions, from the most traditional to the most innovative, for optimizing all warehouse operations.

Walid Daniel, CEO of SPAN, comments, “Faced with the numerous upheavals caused by the health crisis, from the impact on demand to the changes in buying habits, coupled with the instability in our region, we are now witnessing a fragmentation of the intralogistics market. In this context, we wanted to expand our technological offer of mobile robots and shelving, more flexible and less expensive than traditional handling systems, in order to respond to the growing demand for agility and efficiency from our clients in the face of a new economic situation, namely a recovery with many uncertainties.”

Three key factors motived SPAN’s choice to endorse and market SCALLOG’s solutions, in addition to cultural similarities and common values: the technological reliability of the robotic solution proved in the field in Europe and transparently described in a technological roadmap, a value-added approach which means technology is used to optimize processes and a perfect understanding of operational requirements in order to build “tailor-made” solutions for clients.

Walid Daniel, CEO of SPAN, adds: “We are excited to add SCALLOG technology to our offer which moves us fully into intralogistics 4.0, combining automation, robotics, and data intelligence. This new offer guarantees our clients more agility and flexibility in their processes to adapt to changes and be creative in their business”.

Remi Badaroux, Partners Network Manager, concludes: “With SPAN, combining dual expertise, consulting and integration, our ambition, based on SCALLOG robotic solutions, is to quickly bring value to warehouses to enhance the customer experience and the competitive edge of businesses in the Middle East.

The two partners anticipate the first deployments of SCALLOG solutions in the first half of 2022.


Scallog Robotics at Newpharma: A Unique Realization in Collaboration with Smart Technics, Colruyt Group’s innovation pool

In conjunction with the SITL trade show scheduled for 13-15 September at Paris Porte de Versailles, Scallog is announcing a new contract in Belgium for the robotization of the new logistics platform operated by Newpharma, the Belgian online pharmacy that serves 1 million customers in 12 countries across Europe. The deployment of Scallog’s Goods-to-Person robotics solution at Newpharma’s new distribution centre, which spans 20,000 sq.m and can be expanded to 50,000 sq.m, is scheduled for the fall of 2021 and will be overseen by Smart Technics Ventures, the innovation unit at Colruyt Group, which holds a minority stake in Scallog. At SITL, Scallog will also be showcasing the latest addition to its lineup, the Flexytote robot, which will be demonstrated at the Warehouse of the Future, an immersive environment at SITL devoted to the smart warehouse and including a full line of innovations for the intralogistics of the future!


Here’s a look at how Colruyt Group forged a successful collaboration among three businesses: Newpharma, Scallog and Smart Technics Ventures!

As part of its plans to consolidate its operations in Wandre, Belgium, Newpharma will soon be inaugurating its brand-new logistics centre located on a site near the Port of Liege. Plans for this next-generation warehouse were launched in 2019, supported by the Belgian retail business Colruyt Group. Pierre De Lit, COO at Newpharma: “Each year, Newpharma records double-digit revenue growth, which, over time, has forced us to spread our activities across several sites in Wandre and Tongeren. We have therefore decided to build one large distribution centre to support our further growth and optimise our logistics flows. We will gradually put the new installations into operation. In the first phase, the site will cover 20,000 m². In 2022, we will expand the site to 50,000 m².”

The consolidation of Newpharma’s activities is accompanied by extensive automation, supported by Smart Technics. The mission of the engineering team of this Colruyt Group start-up is to integrate innovative solutions in a sustainable way. Jeroen Theys, Managing Director at Smart Technics: “In this project, we integrated the Scallog solution into Newpharma’s operational flow, from the delivery of the goods by suppliers to the dispatching of the packages to end customers. Several options were considered each time to optimise stock management, order processing, order picking, packaging and ergonomics for the employees. We are very satisfied with the collaboration, which has resulted in a phased plan that will enable Newpharma to respond more flexibly to future market developments and secure further sustainable growth.”

“Scallog is already active in this sector in France. We are particularly pleased that we can equip the new Newpharma warehouse in close cooperation with Smart Technics today. This means that yet another Scallog picking facility will be operational in Belgium”, Caroline Dumas, International Business Manager at Scallog, adds.

Here’s a closer look at the Flexytote, which will be in operational readiness at the Warehouse of the Future!

As part of its ongoing desire to include more immersive demonstrations and experiences for its industry visitors, the 2021 SITL show is showcasing a 600-square-metre smart warehouse dubbed the Warehouse of the Future, presenting the most innovative solutions on a real-life scale. The space will feature the Flexytote, a new addition to the Scallog product line, working under operating conditions to automate the transfer, loading and unloading of bins and boxes so as to speed up the order picking process.

As a truly lightweight, flexible robotics alternative to traditional workflow automation systems, the Flexytote is based on a simple but effective principle: robots move two or three tiers of empty bins or boxes to picking stations, deposit them on order buffer racks, then retrieve them and transport them to the packaging area once the operators have completed the orders.

The logistics benefits are immediate: automated two or three-tier supply on-demand to the order buffer racks, elimination of load handling and transport by operators, less physical strain and accelerated order picking.

With flexibility that is unrivalled on the market, the Flexytote solution is easily integrated into any existing warehouse and can be adapted to all changes in order picking flows; the mobile robots follow optical markings on the floor that can be repositioned if and when required. The Flexytote solution also stands out for its load capacity of up to 250 kg, the background tasks it can undertake, its ergonomics and logistics productivity and its ROI in under 18 months.