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How is Coronavirus Changing the International Moving Industry?


How is Coronavirus Changing the International Moving Industry?

International moving companies all around the world are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. With the increase in infected people and the ever-present rules of social distancing, it becomes more challenging to function as we were used to before 2020. With that in mind, how is Coronavirus changing the international moving industry? What can companies do to save their businesses and continue to provide exceptional service to their customers?

Understanding the challenges of the moving industry

What is essential to understand is that this pandemic should not be looked at as an individual event. The Coronavirus definitely is an unprecedented event in our history, and it will forever change how we look at the world. All future processes, procedures, and actions in the international moving industry must be sustainable in this new environment.

The industry is suffering permanent changes to how companies do business, and it becomes crucial to manage the negatives and focus on the positives of these changes. The most important fact is that the current situation is the new normal we all have to get used to.

How serious is the current situation, and what will the repercussions be?

We are witnessing many changes to how people do business now. The logistics industry is restructuring its business operations, and we see a substantial number of changes. But the good thing is, the industry is moving on.

When it comes to international moving, we can safely say that there is no danger of people stopping to cross borders. The need for a better life and more secure jobs will always be the main drive for people moving internationally. The virus does exist, no matter where we are. With that said, the moving industry is focusing more on making relocation safe.

How are employees affected by the pandemic?

It is not only customers who are affected by the pandemic. People providing moving services are also exposed to the virus. For international moving companies to thrive and continue to do business, the main focus should be on keeping employees safe.

The number one approach to accomplish this is transitioning to remote work. People can still do their jobs from home; there is no need to come to the office and do paperwork and administration tasks.

When it comes to the employees who come in contact with the customers, it is crucial to focus on following social distancing rules. As an example, if packers need to come and help packing, everyone must wear gloves and masks. Furthermore, the clients can communicate exact packing instructions before the packers come, and they don’t even have to be present during that time. It is vital to develop a sense of trust between the clients and international moving companies, and that should be the primary focus when it comes to taking care of your clients.

What will the next five to ten years bring for the international moving industry?

There is a famous saying that what does not kill you makes you stronger. We can already see that in how the market changes. Some companies had to close their doors; however, that left more space for others to thrive. The reality of the future is that there will be new competitors on the market. Moving companies that find a way to overcome the hardships of COVID-19 will climb to the top of the relocation industry.

There is an increased need for the advancement of technology and improved business operations. Above all, it is crucial to understand that the customers’ needs will never go away. However, the customers are changing, and we need a new approach to keep up with those changes.

Another important factor to consider is that not all countries are affected in the same way by the crisis. All international moving companies need to learn the potential hardships when moving clients to different countries. That’s the only way to be prepared and provide high-level service.

The main takeaway for the continuation of the business is that those who are not well prepared to meet the expectations and comply with all the unavoidable changes will lose the race against their competition.

What are the practical steps to embrace the change in the international moving industry?

All moving companies need to maintain a connection with the government and understand the regulations required for moving. There must be a communication channel where all companies can quickly learn about important changes regarding these regulations.

When it comes to moving clients, it is important that they have a person of contact the moment they cross the borders. There should be someone in a sanitized vehicle with all the protective gear to take them quickly to their destination.

Furthermore, it is essential to have standardized procedures that explain to your clients how you do business and tackle the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They don’t want to be in the dark, and you need to inform them every step of the way.

The key takeaways to how is Coronavirus changing the international moving industry

Is this enough to say how Coronavirus is changing the international moving industry? It is impossible to give a 100% correct forecast for what comes next. However, by understanding the need for a change and focusing on the safety of employees and clients, the business will continue to prosper.


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