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Hurricane Dorian Leaves GT USA’s Canaveral Cargo Terminal Damage-Free

hurricane dorian

Hurricane Dorian Leaves GT USA’s Canaveral Cargo Terminal Damage-Free

The only reported undamaged container terminal at Port Canaveral will once again begin operations on Friday morning. The Canaveral Cargo Terminal (CCT) was confirmed as “cleared” following an inspection revealing no damages left behind by Hurricane Dorian.

“Although Hurricane Dorian packed quite a punch in Port Canaveral, the hard work of the Emergency Response Team, Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, USCG, Canaveral Port Authority and GT USA personnel allowed GT USA to open the Canaveral Cargo Terminal and be fully operational less than 24 hours after the storm passed,” said Peter Richards, CEO, GT USA.

“I want to extend my thanks to all parties that assisted in getting the facility up and running so quickly.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Bahamian people who have been affected by the devastation that Dorian brought to the north of their country.”

The multi-purpose cargo terminal was confirmed for an “expedited reopening” during the arrival of the M/V OCEAN GIANT from its resupply voyage. Proactive storm preparations between Port Canaveral and GT USA are being attributed for minimizing the time between Dorian and the continuation of operations.

Hurricane Dorian is currently being reported as a Category 2 as it approaches the North Carolina coast with reports anticipating the strongest winds to impact the region. Additional reports confirm parts of Canada are under alert including Atlantic Canada, Novia Scotia.