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Digital Solutions: Breaking New Ground for Global Supply Chain Management

Digital Solutions: Breaking New Ground for Global Supply Chain Management

A live-tracking shipment device called Smart Visibility is creating boundless tracking capabilities for international logistic providers. The most recent of them being Hellmann Worldwide Logistics based in London.

The features offered go beyond real-time tracking and management of shipments, providing information pertaining to the temperature,  humidity, vibration, incident of light, door openings and deviations of schedule through dashboard managed viewing and email updates, according to a release from Hellman this week.

Jochen Freese, Chief Commercial Officer of Hellmann expressed his confidence in the product in the release: “Thanks to the innovative and uncomplicated return logistics of the device, it is possible to guarantee companies the greatest possible flexibility so that an on-demand tracking service can be implemented.”

Customers can operate even the most complex of supply chains with ease from start to finish regardless of the transport unit. Trucks, pallets and parcels, transport carriers and beyond have the opportunity to leverage the pay-as-you-go option, creating financial flexibility for all types of customers while delivering the most accurate and detailed information through a convenient, on-demand platform.

“Especially in times when decisions in supply chain and inventory management are computer-controlled, it is extremely important to have reliable real-time data on the flow of goods. With Smart Visibility, we deliver just that. The tool enables an extremely broad target group to use real-time transparency to their competitive advantage,” Freese said.

Technology and digital solutions are changing the platform and standards for supply chain and logistics management companies worldwide and Smart Visibility is another example of this. Through the utilization of digital solutions and time efficiencies business incentives are supported and improved  while company goals are maximized.

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