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Hand Protection Needs will Foster Electrical Safety PPE Market Outlook


Hand Protection Needs will Foster Electrical Safety PPE Market Outlook

With the introduction of stricter worker safety norms, electrical safety personal protective equipment awareness has been gaining importance. The use of PPE in electrical and substation applications across power generation, construction, automotive, food processing, and manufacturing sectors has increased significantly.

It is estimated that the global electrical safety PPE market size will be worth more than US$20 billion by 2025, with the presence of stringent regulatory standards set forth by the European Union and OSHA to ensure occupational safety along with timely inspection and assessments. The range of PPE products used for electrical safety includes head protection gear, eye & face protection gear, hand protection equipment, hearing protection gear, and protective footwear.

The electrical hand protection equipment industry size is likely to exceed US$7 billion by 2025. These products include insulation tuber gloves and leather protective sleeves which provide necessary protection to fingers, hands, wrists, and lower arms.

The demand for electrical safety PPE across transmission applications is expected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. With growing urbanization and industrial development in China and India, the rate of electrification has also increased. As a result, an increasing number of electrical workers on transmission lines for repair and maintenance will increase product demand.

The U.S. arc-rated clothing industry size is projected to be worth over US$1 billion by 2025. PPE used in electrical applications is usually flame resistant and protect linemen and workers from fire and flash accidents. Arc flashes are among the most fatal and common electrical hazards which have massive compensation costs and lead to huge economic losses.

In September 2020, manufacturers of flame-resistant and arc-rated PPE launched The Partnership for Electrical Safety, a joint effort to ensure optimum electrical safety to American workers working on electrical equipment from deadly hazards.

Thousands of American linemen working on or around energized electrical equipment are currently not equipped or provided with proper protection against hazards of electrical arc flash despite OSHA regulations that have been in place for over two decades. The Partnership for Electrical Safety aims to directly address this critical issue and improve the health and safety of unprotected electrical workforce across the country.

The electrical safety PPE market size in France is set to reach more than US$900 million by 2025. Over the past few years, the country has invested in a number of renewables deployment projects for power generation, resulting in growing windmill construction, repair, and maintenance activities. Supportive regulatory policies enforced by the European Commission including CE marking to ensure optimum product quality will positively impact the regional outlook.

India’s electrical safety PPE market size is estimated to witness a robust CAGR of more than 7.5% through 2025. An increasing number of residential, commercial, and industrial expansion projects have created promising employment opportunities in the construction sector. Additionally, growing investments by the public as well as the private sector in sustainable power generation and distribution projects, mainly across rural regions, will augment the regional PPE demand.

Oberon Company, Rock Fall Limited, Black Stallion Inc, Protective Industrial Products, NATIONAL SAFETY APPAREL, Boddingtons Electrical Ltd., Honeywell International, Inc., COFRA S.R.L., Paulson Manufacturing Corporation, MSA Company, Baymro Safety, and UVEX Safety Group are a few notable manufacturers of electrical safety PPE.