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Haltian Oy Achieves Amazon’s AWS Advanced Technology Partner Status

Haltian Oy Achieves Amazon’s AWS Advanced Technology Partner Status

Following a successful technical validation through its Thingsee IoT solution offering on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and meeting status requirements, product development and IoT company, Haltian Oy was confirmed as an official partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network.

“With the AWS Advanced Technology Partnership, Haltian now gets early access to the latest Cloud technologies, which enables us to deliver better IoT solutions to our Thingsee customers. With AWS – the world’s most skilled tech talent, on our side, we can solve demanding technology and cyber-security challenges quicker, and further optimize the Total Cost of Ownership for Thingsee customers,” says Teemu Vaattovaara, Chief Software Architect and Co-founder at Haltian.

Requirements for the official partner status including technical validation by demonstrating six customer references, assigning a skilled team and partner alliance manager, and offering the Thingsee IoT solution in General Availability on Amazon Web Services.

“We will continue to develop the Thingsee IoT platform by using the most advanced Cloud technologies, which will benefit our customers.” For Haltian, the AWS Advanced Technology partnership is just the beginning. “Our goal is to deepen the AWS co-operation and expand our knowledge of IoT,” Vaattovaara concludes.