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Charting the Course for Sustainable Seafood: The Future of Fish

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Charting the Course for Sustainable Seafood: The Future of Fish

Mission Kitchen is gearing up to host a day-long symposium, as part of its Tomorrow’s Table event series, dedicated to exploring the pressing trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the future of the fish industry. Titled ‘The Future of Fish,’ this event promises an engaging lineup of panel discussions, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and tastings, all aimed at reimagining and revitalizing the seafood sector.

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With global concerns mounting over the sustainability of seafood consumption, industry leaders and experts will convene to discuss the critical factors driving what some call the ‘Blue Revolution.’ This revolution seeks to address the urgent need for sustainable practices in seafood production and consumption. Amidst growing awareness, attendees will delve into innovative solutions and developments aimed at ensuring a healthier future for the industry.

At the heart of the event is the question: Can seafood ever feed the planet sustainably? Despite fish accounting for only 2% of human calorie consumption, a staggering 93% of global fish stocks are either fully exploited or overexploited. The symposium aims to tackle this challenge head-on, with a focus on accessible solutions to make sustainable seafood a reality.

The event’s keynote speaker, Jenny Jefferies, an acclaimed author, food writer, and advocate for sustainable food practices, will set the stage for the day’s discussions. Noteworthy sessions include ‘Water to Table,’ which will explore sustainable seafood sourcing and production, and ‘Fish Remade,’ showcasing high-tech alternative fish products.

Attendees can also look forward to interactive sessions such as ‘Making Fish Fashionable,’ led by industry experts, and ‘The Art of Sushi’ workshop, offering hands-on experience with sushi preparation.

Commenting on the event, Paul Smyth, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mission Kitchen, emphasized the importance of addressing critical food matters. He highlighted the urgency of the seafood sustainability agenda amidst heightened media attention and diverse economic and political factors influencing fish availability.

Sponsored by the Mark Leonard Trust, tickets for ‘Future of Fish’ are now available.  For more information and to register, visit Future of Fish. This symposium promises to be a groundbreaking initiative, bringing together over 100 speakers and delegates to foster constructive discussions and share valuable insights.

Mission Kitchen, known for its role as a shared workspace and incubator for food and drink start-ups, aims to drive positive change in the food industry through events like Tomorrow’s Table. By showcasing and amplifying innovative food solutions, Mission Kitchen seeks to contribute to a more sustainable future for food systems worldwide.

For the full schedule of speakers, see the event info.