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WARP Launches “DirectFresh” a Service Enabling Perishable Shippers with Same and Next-Day Direct Store Delivery Across the U.S. and Canada

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WARP Launches “DirectFresh” a Service Enabling Perishable Shippers with Same and Next-Day Direct Store Delivery Across the U.S. and Canada

Today WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, announced that it has launched “DirectFresh” a service enabling perishable shippers with same-day and next day direct store delivery. The service offers shippers an end-to-end solution for their fresh freight including manufacturer to cold storage transfers and high touch, in-store deliveries. WARP’s DirectFresh service enables shippers to transfer product from cold storage directly to a store or a WARP Station (cross dock) depending on their inventory needs within the same day without needing to work with a last-mile delivery service.

Perishable goods are highly susceptible to damage due to their fragile nature and how quickly their quality deteriorates with the passing of time. A missed delivery window can lead to an entire shipment of spoiled products and thousands of dollars in losses for a customer. Because perishable shipments are so sensitive, it’s integral that shippers have visibility and transparency from manufacturer to store. WARP’s technology weaves together the middle-mile and last-mile using their network of temp-controlled cross docks and carriers to provide perishable shippers with a one-stop-shop for their logistics needs.

As part of the new DirectFresh offering, WARP has partnered with ShipRec to provide real-time temperature monitoring of fresh freight in transit directly in the WARP platform. The partnership between WARP and ShipRec improves food safety and works to meet the strict requirements of FSMA regulations to prevent foodborne illness. Users can receive notifications if a refrigerated or frozen product’s temperature is outside of the optimal temperature zone, allowing drivers to investigate issues as needed and alert customers of any issues in advance. ShipRec’s tracking technology also applies to more than just fresh freight, giving WARP customers accurate, geographic locations for all their loads.

WARP provides more transparency at a lower cost by right-sizing capacity based on the pallet-level/piece count of shipments that day, time, and place. WARP has partnerships with carriers that offer in-store delivery including unloading the trucks and delivering the final product inside the store. The service is now available in every major metro area in the U.S., Canada and select areas of Mexico, benefiting a wide range of perishable shippers such as fast casual restaurant chains, coffee shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, florists, ice cream shops and more.

The news comes on the heels of WARP’s recent funding announcement of additional $5.7M in funding to bring its total to $8.1M for its first operational year, 2022.

About WARP

WARP is a modern freight network bringing peace of mind to shippers founded by entrepreneurs Daniel Sokolovsky and Troy Lester. With its heterogeneous fleet of 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans, WARP offers customers the right vehicle for every load based on their speed, price, and service preferences. By pairing proprietary tech with a broad network of carriers and cross-docks, WARP automatically optimizes middle-mile routes through a single integrated platform, giving shippers unparalleled visibility of their loads. Whether it’s a direct store delivery, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, or linehaul injection into last mile carriers, WARP customers receive real-time tracking and status updates along with dedicated support every step of the way.


Western U.S. package delivery company GSO completes brand conversion to General Logistics Systems US, Inc.

Three years after West Coast package delivery company GSO was acquired by international delivery group GLS, the company has officially changed its name to General Logistics Systems US, Inc. (GLS US).”

“GLS is an international company with 30 years of experience and allows me to proudly say, we now have global experience delivered locally,” said GLS-US CEO, Randall Swart. “Over the past year, GSO has gone through many exciting changes, and we remain committed to providing the best service to our valued customers. In 2020 we will celebrate 25 years doing what we love — delivering packages as an extension of our customers’ businesses.”

Swart said the company looks forward to using the knowledge and experience of the GLS Group to invest in new technologies, new facilities, new vehicles and future growth to support customers’ growing shipping needs. “We are excited about the potential to accelerate our growth and presence in the market,” he said.

GLS US, which serves California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah, is converting all trucks, drop boxes and supplies to GLS.

GLS acquired California-based GSO in October 2016. Since then, the two companies have worked seamlessly to integrate systems. The conversion to GLS reflects shared values between the two companies – reliability, security, transparency, flexibility, and sustainability. Customers started seeing the GLS brand in the Northwest when the company bought Seattle-based Postal Express in 2017 as part of a focused geographic expansion.

GLS US continues to expand and provide unmatched Priority Overnight, Ground and Freight delivery services throughout the Western United States. It has 2,300 U.S. employees, 48 depots, two hubs, and a customer service center to support more than 20,000 customers with a high-quality level of service including later pickup times, earlier deliveries, and proactive package tracking – all at competitive rates.

“Throughout the years, our service offerings and technology have evolved based on the needs of our customers,” Swart said. “We are committed to continue making improvements to ensure the best shipping experience possible. We’re growing quickly and are committed to living up to our reputation of providing all our customers with the same excellent delivery and customer service standards we’ve built over the years.”

GLS US will continue to offer customers an overnight delivery footprint unmatched by the national carriers with significantly reduced transit times across the West Coast using its ground and freight services. “We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for our customers and our company,” Swart said.


GLS, General Logistics Systems B.V. (headquartered in Amsterdam), provides reliable, high-quality deferred parcel services for over 200,000 customers, complemented by logistics and express services. Through organic and inorganic expansion, the Group has grown to provide network coverage of 45 countries via wholly owned and partner companies, and it is globally connected via contractual agreements. Seventy central transshipment points and about 1,400 depots and agencies are at GLS’ disposal. With its ground-based network GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. In the financial year 2018/19 GLS achieved revenue of €3.3 billion. For more information about the Western U.S. parcel and freight delivery services offered by GLS, visit