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Growers Edge & CropX Partnership Addresses Farming Challenges

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Growers Edge & CropX Partnership Addresses Farming Challenges

Savings for water, fertilizer, energy, and labor costs are just some of the many added benefits farmers can anticipate following the announcement of an agriculture-focused partnership between Growers Edge Financial, Inc. and CropX. The strategic partnership addresses farming challenges head-on and solves complex issues through advanced technology solutions, including soil-sensing technology designed to eliminate crop-input costs through accurate, reliable data.

“The financial instruments available today do not meet the needs of farmers who want to embrace new ways to improve the profitability and sustainability of their operations,” said Joe Young, president and chief operating officer, Growers Edge. “Working with strategic partners like CropX, we are providing the incentive a farmer needs to confidently adopt new technologies that can drive their long-term sustainability and business success despite rising environmental and business challenges.”

Through a careful process utilizing CropX cloud-based technology and integrated in-field sensors, soil data and management is optimized and implemented based on analyzed data determining the precise amount of water specific to plant needs, ultimately boosting crop yields while maximizing opportunities in cost-savings and waste reduction.

“Giving farmers direct access to all of the intelligence below the ground empowers them to sustainably cultivate more profitable and productive farms by accurately predicting and managing crop needs. However, many farmers are hesitant to invest in soil sensing technologies after being burned by complex, expensive – and often even ineffective – technologies in the past,” said John Vikupitz, president, CropX. “Our partnership with Growers Edge will help farms of all sizes and budgets confidently embrace in-soil data technologies to modernize farm management.”

Beginning in 2020, the two companies will host a pilot program in which farmers can participate in that includes a Growers Edge money-back guarantee and irrigation practice prescription.


Yield Guarantee Program Supports Farmers While Mitigating Financial Risk

Farmers and enhancement opportunities are the primary focus of the latest partnership announced this week between Growers Edge Financial, Inc. and GROWMARK, Inc.

While some might associate the agriculture sector with outdated operations, the two companies will offer farmers an opportunity for enhancing efficiencies while maximizing profits through the Yield Guarantee Program from Grower’s Edge.

“In today’s stressed farm economy, farmers are incredibly wary of taking on more financial risk – even when taking that leap could boost profitability. They need guarantees,” said Joe Young, president and chief operating officer, Growers Edge. “Working with strategic partners like GROWMARK, we are providing the financial incentives farmers need to confidently adopt the new technologies that can ultimately drive their long-term sustainability and business success.”

Through carefully and strategically combining AI from Growers Edge’s Growers Analytic Prediction System (GAPS) and information gathered from GROWMARK’s Product Yield Trials, farmers can now rely on the predictive performance and exactly how to benefit from the technology, minus the increased risk for wasted resources and costs.

GROWMARK is committed to helping our customers grow their bottom line with new ag technologies, which makes Growers Edge an ideal partner for us,” added Lance Ruppert, director of agronomy marketing technology, GROWMARK. “The Growers Edge team is removing some of the risk and creating a new value stream for both the farmer and our technology providers. We think the yield guarantee program will help customers deploy the technologies needed to improve profitability, and we are eager to see it in action.”

To read more about how this is changing farming strategies, please visit: Growers Edge Financial or GROWMARK.


The GLOBALG.A.P. Summit 2018 that took place Nov. 5-7 in Lima, Peru, marked the first time the event was held in the Americas. That was by design as the summit aims to build long-term ties for a global sustainable future for Peru and neighboring countries.

GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) certification connects farmers to brand owners around the world to ensure the trade of safe and responsibly grown food in times of disruptive change. It opens markets and provides ongoing assurance for buyers to mitigate food-borne risks, according to organizers.

“Consumers around the world have the right to food that is safe and responsibly grown,” says Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P. “We need a common industry response and the GLOBALG.A.P. Summit is the perfect place to discuss our responses on farming and agriculture.”

For instance, on Nov. 7, GLOBALG.A.P. and the World Banana Forum presented a global action plan to save bananas from the threat of Tropical Race 4, a variant of a fungus that is considered to be the greatest threat to producers and workers in the global banana industry. Already present in the Asia Pacific region, the pathogen is continuing to spread westward and has already reached certain regions in Africa.

“The GLOBALG.A.P. Summit introduces opportunities to educate our industry,” says Donna Lynn Browne, director of Food Safety and Social Responsibility with Naturipe Farms, a Florida-based grower-owned producer and marketer of premium berries and avocados. “We are at the point where produce companies grow globally. This summit helps bring together many key decision-makers from all over the world to discuss how the industry can move towards responsibly grown produce.”