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Yield Guarantee Program Supports Farmers While Mitigating Financial Risk


Yield Guarantee Program Supports Farmers While Mitigating Financial Risk

Farmers and enhancement opportunities are the primary focus of the latest partnership announced this week between Growers Edge Financial, Inc. and GROWMARK, Inc.

While some might associate the agriculture sector with outdated operations, the two companies will offer farmers an opportunity for enhancing efficiencies while maximizing profits through the Yield Guarantee Program from Grower’s Edge.

“In today’s stressed farm economy, farmers are incredibly wary of taking on more financial risk – even when taking that leap could boost profitability. They need guarantees,” said Joe Young, president and chief operating officer, Growers Edge. “Working with strategic partners like GROWMARK, we are providing the financial incentives farmers need to confidently adopt the new technologies that can ultimately drive their long-term sustainability and business success.”

Through carefully and strategically combining AI from Growers Edge’s Growers Analytic Prediction System (GAPS) and information gathered from GROWMARK’s Product Yield Trials, farmers can now rely on the predictive performance and exactly how to benefit from the technology, minus the increased risk for wasted resources and costs.

GROWMARK is committed to helping our customers grow their bottom line with new ag technologies, which makes Growers Edge an ideal partner for us,” added Lance Ruppert, director of agronomy marketing technology, GROWMARK. “The Growers Edge team is removing some of the risk and creating a new value stream for both the farmer and our technology providers. We think the yield guarantee program will help customers deploy the technologies needed to improve profitability, and we are eager to see it in action.”

To read more about how this is changing farming strategies, please visit: Growers Edge Financial or GROWMARK.

Soybeans Containerization

How Soybeans Can Save Billions in Container Repositioning

Containers are essential to the shipping and trade industry, making shipping more efficient and often faster. However, many containers are left to sit idle due to the trade imbalance in the U.S. Costing the industry billions of dollars a year, vacant containers sit empty and cause congestion at ports.

However, container repositioning offers a solution to the wasted money and time many face. By repositioning containers to back-haul with U.S. soybeans, it works to help alleviate a huge problem in global trade.

This introduces profitability when product flows back and forth and offering opportunity to US farmers. In fact, many Asian markets have shown a growing preference for containerized shipping of specific goods, such as soybeans due to the preservation it offers to fresh goods. By working to reposition containers, it offers savings as well as opportunity for U.S. farmers. Read more at

Automated Farming Solution Increases Stock Production by 20 Percent

Manual methods are becoming a thing of the past for poultry farmers implementing the CapTemp Farming Solution which provides farmers asset analytics that support impressive stock production increases.

CapTemp Farming Solution, a Portuguese company, provided one farmer with a quick, reliable solution after a recorded 20 percent loss on stock production due to lack of automated and analytics tools providing the insight he needed on farm equipment and livestock.

Once implemented, the farmer was successfully able to improve daily weight gains for improved animal growth, reduce stock mortality rate to zero, as well as reduce energy and feed costs due to better environmental conditions.

Through its partnership with market leaders in pig and poultry equipment, Equiporave Iberica, CapTemp provides farmers a sensor control system solution that collects and reports data on temperature, humidity, and gas parameters within the poultry house. Through this level of visibility, farmers are given the advantage and real-time controls.

Additionally, data logging and redundancy functions provide even more of an advantage through features such as scheduled machine usage. The automated solution also boasts features such as sensors networked to a central alarm system, operators that alert unusual conditions in real-time, and remote monitor operations.

For more information, visit: CapTemp

Source: EIN Presswire 

Trump Executive Order on Infrastructure Spending Gets Blowback

President Trump signed an executive order on Jan. 31 that will push for federal dollars spent on infrastructure projects to be put toward American companies. Before the event was captured for media cameras gathered at the White House, Trump trade adviser and former Global Trade cover boy Peter Navarro gave reporters a description of the order whose stated aim is to bolster workers who are “blue-collar Trump people” the administration is focused on helping.
Navarro and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta stood by as Trump told the press that the reasoning behind the order was that “we don’t get treated great by many countries in terms of our trade deals,” adding that he wants infrastructure projects to be built with “American steel,” “American iron” and “American hands.”
But the order drew a swift rebuke from Nathan Nascimento, executive vice president of Freedom Partners, an Arlington, Virginia-based non-profit that promotes “the benefits of free markets and a free society.”
“With this action, the government is stepping in and dictating winners and losers at the expense of taxpayers who will foot the bill for projects that are needlessly more expensive, take far longer to build, and create a nightmare of bureaucratic red-tape,” said Nascimento. “A better approach is to lower barriers to entry to increase competition and get taxpayers the best value on the dollar. We urge the administration to reject protectionist measures like this that hurt America.”
Nascimento had a busy week in Trump trade land. The day before Trump signed the order, the Freedom Partners executive VP issued this statement with Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips: “For months, our economy, farmers, American workers, and businesses have been hampered by uncertainty in the wake of tariff escalation. The bipartisan Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act is imperative to reinstate Congress’s authority to approve tariffs and provide a much-needed check on what is just another tax on Americans. The Constitution gives the legislative branch responsibility to impose tariffs. It is essential that those powers over tariffs are restored.”
And the day before that, Freedom Partners chimed in with this: “U.S. and Chinese representatives are scheduled to meet in Washington, D.C., this week to discuss how to resolve the trade war. There is a solution that would enable both sides to win—taking down barriers to trade.
“Across the country, Americans are being harmed by tariffs and the retaliation they’ve invited from abroad. Farmers who can’t sell their products overseas are forced to let them spoil or take deep cuts in their profits to move them. Consumers are paying higher prices to cover the costs of these tariffs. What’s more, businesses that purchase many of the component parts for their products from other countries are feeling the sting from these taxes. After all, that is what tariffs are—taxes paid by American consumers and businesses. And they come with a steep cost.
“We hope a swift resolution to the trade war will be found, starting with these talks. Dropping tariffs and other trade barriers is in the interest of both nations and will promote greater prosperity.”