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Trax and Project44 Advise Leaders to Implement End-to-End Visibility for Supply Chain Control Amidst Continued Disruptions

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Trax and Project44 Advise Leaders to Implement End-to-End Visibility for Supply Chain Control Amidst Continued Disruptions

Trax and project44 executives co-host webinar about creating resiliency to help supply chain leaders prepare for continued supply chain disruptions

Trax Technologies (Trax), the global leader in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions, announced it will host, along with project44, a webinar for industry leaders seeking solutions to regain control of the supply chain.

“Disruption is Normal, End-to-End Visibility is the Path to Resiliency,” to be held on Wed., May 25 at 11 a.m. EDT, comes during a time when global supply chains are impacted by pandemic fallout, a protracted labor shortage and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine–all of which are contributing to increased energy and fuel prices. Additionally, U.S. inflation remains above an 8% annual rate, close to the fastest pace in 40 years as increased pricing places added pressures on the economy and supply chain.

The co-hosted webinar will feature Chris Cassidy, executive vice president of global sales & strategic partnerships at Trax, and Bart De Muynck, chief industry officer at project44. The pair will share the benefits of end-to-end visibility within the supply chain and how to achieve this disruption-proof method of planning and implementation, which creates resiliency and better decision making.

“Gaining end-to-end visibility for financial and physical flows leads to smarter decision making that ultimately creates resiliency, which is a quality every company touching the supply chain needs moving forward,” said Cassidy. “With so many supply chain leaders looking for answers to ensure control and performance efficiency for future disruptions, now is the time to invest and embed a technology-enabled control tower ecosystem strategy to drive actionable insights through data quality, establishing baselines by regions and mode, readjusting forecast goals and making informed, smarter decisions relevant to supply chain transportation cost to serve.”

Throughout the webinar, Cassidy and De Muynck will explore ways to identify, manage and forecast disruption risks and impacts through the practice of strategic preparation and implementation, coupled with the use of structured visibility platform technology.

“Attending this webinar is a good step to ensuring leaders are not waiting out a disruption cycle that may not end,” said Bart De Muynck. “Trax and project44 are hosting this webinar to provide industry leaders with methods to make smarter decisions that will positively impact their respective companies, regardless of disruption.”

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