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Report: Emissions Control Areas can Prevent Premature Deaths

Report: Emissions Control Areas can Prevent Premature Deaths

Findings from an impact assessment from France show the potential for a decrease in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels up to 76% through the implementation of an Emissions Control Area in the Mediterranean region. Additional findings confirmed up to 6,000 lives can be saved every year from reducing air pollution from shippers in the Mediterranean through switching to better grade marine fuels and the ECA.

“The study shows the need for a Mediterranean emission control area. The French environmental ministry must now take its role as a leader and search for support in as much Mediterranean countries as possible,” explained Charlotte Lepitre, health policy officer at FNE.

“We see that a combined sulphur and nitrogen emission control area will have the greatest effect for the people living in the coastal areas. If governments cooperate well such a regulation could come into effect as early as 2022,” said Beate Klünder, transport policy officer at NABU.

Additional findings from the report confirmed a 100 percent reduction in SO2 in port areas and a 76 percent decrease in NO2 for coastal areas and East of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, the report outlined the efforts can prevent 6,000 premature deaths due to the reduction of the particle pollution. The ECA also has the potential to bring 8 to 14 billion Euro savings of health costs per year

“Now that there is clear evidence for significant socio-economic benefits there is no excuse to further postpone an implementation. Any delay let people suffer longer than necessary and that is not acceptable at all.”

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