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Reducing Emissions

Reducing Emissions

Connecticut shipping company Eagle Bulk continues moving forward to meet its anticipated January 2020 completion date for the installation of fleet scrubbers. The initiative, which was originally announced by the company back in September, will comprise of implementing 34 fleet scrubbers during the set date for the launch of the new sulphur emissions cap regulation by the International Maritime Organization.

With the topic of fleet scrubbers becoming increasingly discussed, not all players in the industry are convinced it’s a solution that will prove longevity for the sector in maintaining compliance efforts. Additionally, the recent spike in demand for the installation of these scrubbers provides a challenge for manufacturers to keep up and provide the industry demands.

Other companies that have jumped on board with the scrubbers include Scorpio Group, Star Bulk, International Seaways, DHT, and of course, Eagle Bulk. Star Bulk plans to equip its entire fleet with the scrubbers while Frontline recently increased the goal to 40 percent of its fleets.

With roughly one year until the emissions cap regulation is launched, fleet scrubbers will continue to be of discussion while for some the demand will continue to increase.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News, West, Reuters, Eagle Bulk