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Digital Diesel Pricing Engine Launched for Carriers

Digital Diesel Pricing Engine Launched for Carriers

Carriers are now enabled to easily estimate digital diesel fuel costs in real-time with the newly released Digital Diesel Pricing Engine by Genesis Fuel Corporation.

“This new online pricing engine gives carriers a tremendous tool that when fully used will not only outline their contract details but will break out critical information that can be used to offset or fully recover their Digital Diesel surcharge,” states Genesis Fuel’s COO Bruce Dean. 

The Pricing Engine serves as an online platform that provides carriers access to lock in fuel prices, price fuel for the States in their lanes, and gives access to critical information for fuel surcharge recapture.Carriers seeking contract totals can easily do so with Digital Diesel by setting desired fuel quantities and average MPG for their fleet.

“Since Digital Diesel is such a new concept to the industry, we felt we needed a way for customers to kick-the-tires and set up their own scenarios to determine their potential savings and profits. This Pricing Engine also helps carriers understand how they can lock-in their diesel fuel costs and recover the cost of the contract at the same time,” Dean concluded.