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Dallas, Texas. There is a lot associated with this city in the Lone Star State. Among common associations typically thought of when the city is brought up in conversation include buildings with breathtaking views creating an unforgettable skyline, skyscraper-like freeways, and southern pride some consider to be arrogant beyond reason.

There is a reason behind these common associations, though. Dallas, Texas offers an experience unlike most southern cities–and not just because of the plethora of mouthwatering food options presented every half-mile or the fact that it is home to the Dallas Cowboys football team. Dallas is a place where diversity thrives, and the nightlife never disappoints.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing cocktail with even more refreshing views or a meal that is simply unforgettable as far as food and company are concerned, you can consider yourself lucky to be in this city for business. We’ve rounded up the top spots and things to do while you take care of business. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the gems found in Dallas, and we highly encourage a trip back to the Big D for pleasure instead of business to get the full experience. For now, these will do justice.

Atwater Alley

If you’re interested in experience, look no further than Atwater Alley. Located in the heart of Dallas off of McKinney Avenue, this speakeasy-style spot is sure to provide an experience you’ll share back home. The ambiance and atmosphere found in Atwater Alley set the mood for relaxation and nostalgia while the cocktails are carefully crafted with pride. Know going in that this speakeasy is not intended to accommodate hundreds or even a couple of dozen patrons. Space is limited but the experience–and did we mention the cocktails?–makes Atwater a must on our list of things to do while in Dallas. If you are craving a traditional old fashioned paired with a unique, relaxing environment, Atwater is sure to satisfy.


Looking for something on the upbeat, modern-chic side? STIRR is sure to meet your needs. From their signature brunch, lunch and dinner menus to their impressive and unique cocktail selection, STIRR leaves the taste buds of its patrons wanting more of the deliciousness it has to offer. Located in Deep Ellum, STIRR Dallas offers visitors a grand view on its rooftop with the perfect ambiance to pair with the meal. If you’re up for a couple of flights of stairs, keep your eyes carefully on every stair as each reveals an uplifting or quirky message that adds to the STIRR experience.

Dallas Museum of Art

Ah, the DMA. This museum offers a different kind of experience for out-of-towners and locals alike with free daily general admission as late as 9 p.m. on Thursdays and 11 p.m. on “Late Night Fridays.” The DMA features more than 25,000 fascinating pieces—from Islamic art, arts of the Americas and contemporary art to arts of Africa and Asia, classical art, Texas art and much more. When considering a visit to the DMA, be sure to check out the latest exhibition. Each provides a new, intimate and thought-provoking experience to the visitor and are limited-time opportunities.

Reunion Tower

A classic staple for the Dallas visitor, the Reunion Tower really speaks for itself once you take a glance at all 561 feet of its beauty and radiance. Great for dinner and drinks, this experience might not be your first choice for a solo visit but will definitely “wow” your clients if you’re looking to accommodate an unforgettable dining experience at Wolf Gang Puck’s Five Sixty Restaurant. If you do find yourself seeking a solo light dinner and drink, Cloud Nine can accommodate your needs while providing a revolving view and relaxing ambiance. And we can’t forget to mention the Ge-O Deck offering 360-degree panoramic views of the big D.

The Mansion Bar

Located in the prestigious Turtle Creek region in Dallas, the sophisticated Mansion Bar takes pride to a whole new level with its cognac-colored leather walls, Texas countryside art pieces and equestrian-themed décor. The Mansion offers visitors both modern and classic vintage cocktails, but it’s recommended to try the Mansion Gin & Tonic for a refreshed and unmatched experience. If you’re seeking more than the average beer, Texas craft breweries keep The Mansion’s beer variety tantalizing while the award-winning wine program featuring hand-selected reds, whites and sparkling wines. Happy hour is Monday through Friday, 4-7 p.m., with live music to pair with your cocktail of choice on selected days. Once you experience the hospitality, elegance and delightfulness here, you’ll want to come back.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Known across Texas for its take on other cuisines including barbecue, seafood and Mexican food, the Pappas Bros. experience flaunts that it really can do it all. The family owned and operated Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is known as the premier steakhouse for Dallas and Houston, offering dry-aged steaks that are never pre-packaged and a selection of more than 3,500 wines. In fact, Pappas dry ages its own meats for a minimum of 28 days and employs two butchers at each restaurant solely for quality and portion control. Recognized by the Food Network as a “Top 5 Steaks in America” location, Pappas is known for a New York strip that packs 32-ounces of mouth-watering greatness. If you have room left once the steak has been polished off, finish the meal with the comforting and delectable warm peach cobbler. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you’re new to the Big D or just visiting for a couple of days, do yourself (and your taste buds) a favor by giving these places a visit. It goes without saying that everything really is “bigger in Texas” and these are just a few of the hundreds of spots Dallas, Texas, residents attribute to their Texas-sized state pride.


If the Lone Star State is in your future travel plans, prepare for an experience with culture, food and sights substantially different from the rest. Of course, depending on the time of the year, you might want to bring an extra jacket and prepare for triple-digit temperatures within the same week, but the state of Texas offers an experience that separates itself from neighboring southern states.

It holds true that everything is bigger in Texas–from the chicken fried steak to the smiles on the streets. Prepare for freeway overpasses at unthinkable heights and a sky full of bright stars at night. Whether you’re looking to try the fanciest bars or experience unforgettable Texas-true flavors, you are in for a treat while visiting one of the proudest states in the nation.

Outside of these large cities are plenty of small Texas towns ready to offer unique experiences that give passing through travelers stories to take back home to share with family and friends. Texas is not a one-stop state and will almost always leave you ready to come back and experience more of the diverse culture, friendly faces and special attractions it has to offer.

Fort Worth

Contrary to popular belief, it’s unlikely you will encounter a cowboy or horses in the streets during the busier hours of the day. That is unless you’re in Fort Worth. Also known as “Cowtown,” Fort Worth is the heart of cowboy culture in the North Texas region.

If you happen to find yourself in Cowtown, treat yourself to an unforgettable meal at the famous Reata Restaurant at Sundance, which is famous for rooftop views and “sophisticated cowboy cooking,” from Tenderloin Tamales with Pecan Mash to their mouth-watering carne asada topped with cheese enchiladas. The restaurant is notably named after the family ranch in the 1956 movie Giant starring James Dean, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor, and Reata doesn’t disappoint with its traditional cowboy aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a truly Texas-themed evening and have a comfy pair of dancing shoes handy, head on over to Billy Bob’s Texas, known as the Stockyards dancehall. Not a dancer? No problem. Wind down with a cocktail while shooting some pool paired with live dancing, history and fun every night of the week. It’s not a true Fort Worth experience until you’ve been to Billy Bob’s.


The sister city to Fort Worth in the North Texas region presents a modern, urban chic vibe and is known for having the world’s best skyline. If you’re lucky enough to be staying at the beautiful Omni hotel or anywhere near the Reunion Tower, prepare to be in awe of the city’s energy and beautiful lights.

There are more than enough options for relaxation on a rooftop while taking it all in. If you’re seeking an unforgettable happy hour experience, head on over to “The Happiest Hour” in Harwood District. Notable publications such as the Dallas Observer, D Magazine, Dallas Eater and CultureMap list this spot as one of the best Dallas has to offer.

Seeking a real Dallas experience? Treat yourself to an unforgettable time at the Reunion Tower for breathtaking panoramic views complete with a revolving dinner at Cloud Nine Restaurant. If heights aren’t your thing and you’re seeking a true Texas tradition, Hard Eight BBQ will most definitely hit the spot. A relaxed, family-friendly environment comes complete with some of the best Texas barbecue loaded with all the fixings that are sure to satisfy a first-timer or a returner.

For a breathtaking and serene experience, give the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens a peruse. Regular admission is under $20 and provides a great opportunity to check off an item on your Texas bucket list of experiences. If your schedule permits, take advantage of the lunch menu at Restaurant DeGolyer, which is surrounded by 66 acres of garden scenery in the DeGolyer House, with optional indoor and outdoor dining experiences.


If you find yourself in the State Capitol city, it’s almost a given to hang around and snap a few pictures. Take in the views and history with a free half-hour long Capitol Tour as late as 4 p.m. before making your way to the Skylark Lounge for an evening of jazz, motown and blues. Known as Austin’s best blues bar, Skylark serves wine, beer, cocktails and performances by local talent every night.

For a fancier cocktail selection, head over to The Living Room Bar in the lobby of the W Hotel in downtown Austin. This stylish and chic lounge provides a relaxing ambiance and fancy scenery paired with a DJ. The Tequila Bar offers signature cocktail options and sits between the Living Room and Record Room, which is complemented with more than 8,000 records.

San Antonio

In true San Antonio tradition, two attractions are must sees: the historic Alamo and the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. The Alamo is certain to cater to any history buff, especially with its newest “Weapons of the Alamo” tour. If you’re looking for fine dining and scenic views, head on over to downtown San Antonio and give the luxurious Biga on the Banks a try. This five-star dining experience boasts the highest Zagat rating on the San Antonio Riverwalk and is complete with a full wine cellar, cocktail menu and a fantastic dishes from Bruce Auden. Biga’s chef and owner customizes the menu daily, offering new selections of succulent options that make the experience that much better and unique.

If time permits, every trip to San Antonio must include a visit to one of the most delicious hidden gems: Taqueria Datapoint off Medical Drive. This hole-in -the-wall experience is every Tex-Mex lover’s dream. Datapoint is the opposite of fancy and keeps its service and menu simple, accurate and cheap. It goes without saying that once your taste buds experience their homemade salsa, fresh tortillas and generous portions, you will be hooked. Trust us on this one.




Infinite Electronics, Inc. Expands in Lewisville, Texas

Global electronic components supplier, Infinite Electronics Inc. announced the opening of its second Lewisville, Texas location this week. The ISO9001-certified, 160,000 square foot facility supports the company’s efforts in providing high demand products available for same-day shipping while adding the capability to fulfill more than 500 orders daily – spanning 750 to 1,000 product lines.

“By doubling our space, we are able to further our efforts to make Lewisville Infinite’s Center of Excellence for logistics and manufacturing in the Americas. Our production and logistics teams now have the space they need to be able to fulfill same-day production requirements for our growing family of brands, with room for continued growth to meet our customers’ urgent needs,” said Jim Dauw, Infinite’s Chief Operating Officer.

Infinite’s first facility was established in the region in October 2017, bringing support for product lines including NEMA enclosures, fiber optic cables, 1553 bus couplers, insertion tools, complex wire harnesses, and surge and lightning protectors.

A total of 130 employees serve a variety of functions between the two facilities from production, logistics and product management, to administration, accounting, sales and human resources to meet the demands of the company’s global engineering customer base.

Source: Infinite Electronics, Inc.