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Award-Winning Leader Stresses Importance of Mentoring

Award-Winning Leader Stresses Importance of Mentoring

With 40 years of industry experience in the international shipping sector, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for Hamburg Süd North America Michael Wilson was awarded with the 2018 Connie Award by the Containerization & Intermodal Institute (CII) last week. The theme of the event focused on mentoring and education efforts to prepare future industry leaders.

According to a release announcing the recognition, the Connie award seeks to, “acknowledge individuals for their significant contributions to containerization in world trade and the international transportation industry and honor their individual accomplishments.”

“We need to look to the future. I encourage my colleagues and peers to reach out to our next generation of leaders and share your knowledge and experience through mentoring. There is a wealth of information that needs to find its way forward, and when combined with the technological advances we see emerging, every exchange can be a true catalyst for our industry,” Wilson said during the Awards Luncheon.

Mr. Wilson’s background includes an impressive list of geographical business regions which include the  North America, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and North Coast of South America. Within the near 40 years of international shipping include efforts to support other companies including United States Lines, Crowley Maritime, United Arab Shipping and Atlantic Container Line.

Mr. Wilson urged other industry experts to reach out and offer valuable knowledge to others stepping into the industry in an effort to create a new generation of leaders to come and continue to grow. It is imperative that experts such as Mr. Wilson share the experiences and knowledge within all aspects of the trade sector, considering the new regulations and unpredictable market and political changes all countries are impacted by. This message was particularly relevant as the CII granted 28 scholarships during the event.

Source: BSY Associates