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E-commerce Success: 5 Ways Translating Your Website Content Can Boost Your Sales


E-commerce Success: 5 Ways Translating Your Website Content Can Boost Your Sales

For your business to survive the competition in today’s global market, you must adopt a more strategic business plan that will take it beyond the local market. One way to achieve this is to have a multilingual website.

Translating the website content of your e-commerce business will help you meet market expectations and boost your sales. However, to translate your website content, you must consider your target audience and make sure to answer the questions below.

-What county or city are you targeting?

-What are their needs in that area?

-Do they speak more than one language?

With the above questions considered, you can then decide how best to target your audience through the translation of your website content. Let’s take a look at how translating your website content can help boost your e-commerce business.

Your Brand Reaches More Audience

The essence of translating your website is to reach out to an audience not from your local market. As cross-border shopping is on the rise and e-commerce stores are accessible anywhere on the globe, you can communicate with an international audience to ensure consistent sales. With your translated website, people from the targeted area tend to visit the website, which helps generate more traffic to boost your sales.

Build Brand Trust and Image

When people visit your website and the content is in their language, they feel more comfortable reading and searching for their desired product on your site. Even though you are on the other side of the world, your audience and customers will feel more connected to your brand due to the translated website. They will appreciate and value your effort and reward it by giving your brand their trust. Also, a multilingual website ensures a better customer experience for your brand. Building a reputable brand image speaks volumes of your brand. It makes your target audience recognize and trust your brand more.

Boost Sales and Conversation Rate

People tend to buy products or pay for services rendered in their language. This can be termed the main reason for translating a website in the first place. When the audience can easily relate to the content of your e-commerce website, there is a high chance of them purchasing their desired product on your website. You can’t convert visitors to customers if they don’t understand what you are selling. Research has also shown that more people tend to buy a product in their currency. Hence, the proper translation of your website boosts sales and improves the conversation rate.

SEO Optimization

With a translated website, you will rank high on the local SERP of the targeted area. When the content of your website is SEO-optimized, your site is visible whenever people search in their language through google or other search engines. Some effective SEO strategies are:

Keyword: This is achieved by making local keyword research and then integrating these words into your content when translating.

Local Search: With the right URL structure, search engines will identify your website and show your webpage among other local businesses in the targeted area.

Relevant Content: Visitors tend to spend more time reading quality content. Search engines will make your content visible on the SERP when users search for related content with your content-generating more traffic.

Use Certified Translation Services

In contrast to what many may believe, website translation isn’t achieved by just installing some automated translation plugins. Certified translation services create them by carefully preparing the content in a localized way, bearing in mind the culture and language of the targeted audience. With the expertise of certified translation services, your website content can be efficiently translated to generate more website traffic and boost sales.


The translation of website contents is an advantage to your business to ensure it survives competition within the internet market. It boosts your business by not allowing you to target the local market only, but international as well. It has been proven that customers are most likely to buy products translated to their language from a site. Hence, the need to get certified translation services to work on your content. These certified translators help translate the content so well in such a way that makes your audience feel like they are reading locally created content.