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CJ Logistics America to Open Cold Storage Warehouse in Kansas City

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CJ Logistics America to Open Cold Storage Warehouse in Kansas City

CJ Logistics America, a leading supply chain and technology company, announced the opening of a new cold storage warehouse in New Century, Kansas, just 30 miles from Kansas City. The 291,000-square-foot facility, developed in collaboration with Yukon Real Estate Partners and BGO, is set to open in Q3 2025.

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The state-of-the-art warehouse will feature Alta EXPERT refrigeration and a direct rail spur, offering significant logistics cost savings and increased shipping efficiency. It will be connected to Upfield’s New Century production plant by an above-ground conveyor bridge, allowing seamless transfer of products like Country Crock® and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter® directly into storage.

In addition to serving Upfield, the warehouse will have 100,000 square feet available for other customers. Located near Interstate 35 and the BNSF Railway intermodal facility, it promises excellent transportation access, with 85% of the U.S. reachable within two days.

Kevin Coleman, CEO of CJ Logistics America, emphasized the company’s growing footprint in the cold storage market, following their new facility in Gainesville, Georgia. Upfield’s North America Supply Chain Director, Byron Alvarez, highlighted the project’s alignment with their sustainability goals and supply chain efficiency.

Marty Khait of Yukon Real Estate Partners and Axel Anderson of Yukon Real Estate Partners praised the innovative solution of the over-rail conveyor bridge, reflecting a commitment to operational efficiency and sustainability.

This new facility marks a significant investment in the greater Kansas City area, enhancing the region’s logistics infrastructure and supporting future growth.