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Cathay Pacific Confirms Pharma.Aero Membership

Cathay Pacific Confirms Pharma.Aero Membership

Pharma.Aero announced during this year’s IATA World Cargo Symposium that Cathay Pacific – a CEIV Pharma certified company, is now a full member supporting the shipping of time-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

“We are excited about Cathay Pacific joining our collaboration group as a full member. Their active involvement in the pilot of the pharma corridor project is a clear added value,” said Nathan De Valck, Chairman of Pharma.Aero. “In collaboration with Pharma.Aero and our pharma shipper members, key performance indicators of the pharma corridor will be clearly defined, targeting to set A2A pharma handling standards.”

With Pharma.Aero’s goal to provide excellence in end-to-end air transportation of pharma products, the Cathay membership is given the assurance of a streamlined and accurate method for airport-to-airport (A2A) temperature-controlled handling.

“India and Bangladesh are both big markets for Cathay Pacific, especially when it comes to shipments of pharmaceutical products. Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai followed by Dhaka have always had large number of pharma shipments and this continues to grow,” said Cathay Pacific Regional Head of Cargo for South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Rajesh Menon.

“United States, Canada and Australia are key trade lanes for India and Bangladesh. PharmaLIFT is an important product and our handling expertise is a key USP we provide to our agents. Collaborating with Pharma.Aero, this offering will only become stronger to provide quality in the transportation and expert handling of valuable and sensitive pharmaceutical products,” he concluded.

Cathay Pacific Services Limited Recognized for IATA CEIV Fresh Certification

Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL), subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, announced it’s one of the first companies to receive the IATA CEIV Fresh Certification, next to Hong Kong Airport Authority. The companies were recognized at the IATA World Cargo Symposium earlier this week.

The certification focuses primarily on the treatment and transportation of perishables while measuring the speed and efficiencies of stakeholders in the Hong Kong International Airport.

The Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal utilizes innovative logistics solutions while streamlining workflows and credits these elements for quick turnaround on the group’s Fresh LIFT shipments.

India, Sri Lanka and South Africa all are big markets for shipment of perishable products like sea food, fresh vegetables, fruits and even fresh flowers. Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are some of the important trade lanes for FreshLIFT. And with this feat at our Cargo Terminal, we will provide superior value, agile service and expert handling to our customers for airfreight of perishables,” said Rajesh Menon, Cathay Pacific Regional Head of Cargo for South Asia, Middle East and Africa.