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Wiremind Cargo unveils its CargoStack CMS

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Wiremind Cargo unveils its CargoStack CMS

Leading French technology specialist, Wiremind Cargo has launched CargoStack – a comprehensive SaaS Cargo Management System (CMS) suite enabling enhanced air cargo activity steering through AI-driven insights

CargoStack is Wiremind Cargo’s first holistic product suite designed to ensure seamless interaction between airlines, GHAs, GSAs, and forwarders. Built around a SaaS core system, airlines can use the CMS to manage their entire cargo activity from schedule to live capacity and bookings, from products and customer management, to flight optimization and loading. Since all data points within CargoStack, such as rates or capacity information, are linked to respective APIs, its strategic modules can easily be integrated into the IT landscapes of the airline, whether to its own systems or those of its forwarding customers, as well as its GSA and GHA partners.

“Connectivity is the future, and we want our customers to be able to concentrate fully on their sales and operational activities, benefitting from highly innovative system support. Gone are the days where IT often posed a hindrance to work processes. Our technology offers data and insights that enable improved decision making and far more efficient workflows. Seamless integration and ultimate user experience is our aim,” Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind Cargo, explains. “When it comes to setting up CargoStack, the airline simply tells us who CargoStack should be plugged with, and we make it happen.”

The entire system architecture has been designed to enhance the airline’s competitive advantage, and three core features differentiate CargoStack from other CMS solutions on the market. First and foremost, is its excellent user experience. CargoStack’s unique look and feel is a key factor in its fast and easy adoption.

Secondly, CargoStack includes Wiremind Cargo’s flagship capacity optimization module, SkyPallet – a revolution in shipment steering and flight planning, given that it enables flight optimization throughout all stages of the flight. SkyPallet leads to improved quoting, booking acceptance, flight management, and ULD build-up plans, and is used by leading international airlines.

Thirdly, CargoStack’s Revenue Management capabilities, programmed by an industry-recognised data science team, and capable of managing well in excess of 150 million bookings per year. Thanks to proven technical expertise in AI and forecasting abilities, CargoStack offers unparalleled revenue optimization features such as Dynamic Pricing and Overbooking Forecasting. “With CargoStack, as with all Wiremind Cargo products, our customers are purchasing perfection in evolution. We offer a fully functional CMS that benefits from the periodic release of new features as we continue to further enhance and fine-tune functionalities,” de Tarade states.

Since CargoStack is a software as a service (SaaS) product, customers benefit from competitive and highly cost-effective solutions when it comes to maintenance and implementation, as well as a product that is easily able to keep pace with the dynamic changes within the air cargo industry.

About Wiremind Cargo

Launched in 2022, Wiremind Cargo is the cargo arm of the Wiremind Group, founded in 2014. With this division, the company is positioned in the field of freight with experts entirely dedicated to the needs of this industry and the development of dedicated tools. Those engineers come from the transport & logistics industries and know how to exploit technology in a truly meaningful way to create business value. Whether it is a GSA, a GHA, a freight forwarder or even an airline, Wiremind Cargo will be able to meet its needs in terms of inventory, reservations, capacity management, pricing, or optimization.