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UASL Announces Hermes NG BI Module for Cargo Handling

UASL Announces Hermes NG BI Module for Cargo Handling

Hermes NG Business Intelligence (BI) module has been confirmed as the cargo management ecosystem of choice for ground handler UASL of the Ultramar Group. Based in Chile, UASL will utilize the Cloud-hosted pay-as-you-go platform with a focus on handling efficiencies to better meet service requirements outlined by Customs for Santiago Airport (SLC).

BI generates smart data, not just data, and the app’s in-built event reporting means users can look into when, where and why issues like bottle-necks arise, at any point in the cargo handling process,” said Alex Labonne, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Hermes. “This event-based data can then be used to make informed and targeted operations level decisions that improve both efficiency and reporting.”

UASL confirmed it will be the first global company to implement the NG Business Intelligence module upon the completion of final testing. Through its utilization of H5 technology roots, it offers flexibility in operating as standalone applications or broadening H5’s cargo management.

“We went with the BI module of Hermes NG because of its well-designed and easy to learn user interface that makes adoption natural and simple,” said Diego Castillo, Operational Project Manager, UASL.

“It is still uncommon to use advanced systems like Hermes NG for business insights in the cargo logistics industry in Chile, so the BI module will give us an edge over our competitors.”

“As a modular system, customers can choose individual NG apps on a need-to-use basis, and because Hermes NG is entirely Cloud-hosted, there is no need for servers or data-infrastructure, reducing capital expenditure significantly,” added Mr Labonne. “Hermes NG, as a cargo management ecosystem, creates real value for our customers and their business partners while marking the launch of a new kind of business model.”