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Tranquility in Transit: 7 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

Director of Charter Sales for Mercury Jets, explains that a change in perception on private jet travel is a key element that also explains the trip

Tranquility in Transit: 7 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

Business trips are an excellent chance to meet new clients and spread brand awareness. Employees on the trip also have opportunities to sightsee and absorb the culture of a new location. 

However, business trips can be complex. The planning process is intricate, with many details from beginning to end — especially if the trip is international. These complications can add unnecessary stress to an already tedious affair. Trip planners should prep as much as possible to make their travels stress-free. 

Notifying the Bank

One of the first tasks business leaders should complete is notifying the bank of their trip. This advice applies to international and domestic travel. Access to debit and credit cards is essential on any trip, so trip planners should contact their bank or credit card company and notify them of upcoming travel. Providing the dates, destinations and card information helps the bank know whether to freeze assets due to fraud.

Nearly 65% of Americans have been victims of credit card fraud, so financial institutions heavily emphasize safety with bank cards. Many banks mandate their customers notify them of business trips. Company leaders should consider getting a travel card. Many institutions waive foreign transaction fees and offer other incentives for acquiring these cards. Logistics professionals who often travel internationally benefit from these features.  

Saving Time at the Airport

Business trips often have tight itineraries with can’t-miss deadlines and critical meetings. These obligations underscore the importance of having everything run smoothly in the airport. The last thing business travelers need is a missed flight. Flights to international destinations may only run once daily, so being on time at the airport is critical.

One of the most time-consuming parts of travel is security checks. Professionals can save a lot of time by applying for PreCheck with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Research shows 89% of PreCheck users waited five minutes or less for their security screenings.

Sometimes, departure and arrival times are out of the travelers’ control. A late arrival could lead to these employees being late for meetings and other obligations. One way to make up for lost time is to schedule transportation in advance. This preparation means a taxi will be ready at the airport, or the employees will have public transportation tickets upon arrival. Travelers can also present their boarding passes on their phones if they lose their documents.

Accounting for Jet Lag

Traveling from Chicago to New York City is easy because the time difference is only an hour. However, Chicago to Tokyo has a 14-hour time difference, so the average person will feel out of sorts when their flight arrives. Jet lag is a legitimate problem — especially when travelers go from east to west. Businesses should give their employees flexibility and account for jet lag. 

Planners should encourage their employees to adjust their sleep schedules on the days before traveling. Being alert and productive on these trips is imperative, so employees should have a flexible schedule to account for jet lag. The plan should include a day or two to adjust to local time on the trip and at least one day of rest when returning home.   

Reading the Rental Insurance Agreement

Business trips often require employees to reserve rental cars. These vehicles are convenient when traveling to locations with limited public transportation. Laws require renters to purchase liability insurance, so it’s essential to read the terms and conditions for the company and see what’s covered. Some rental companies make drivers pay out of pocket — even if the incidents weren’t their fault. 

Reading the terms and conditions is also essential to ensure employees abide by the rules. For example, most companies require drivers to be 25 or older to operate the vehicles. Also, most agencies don’t permit renters to cross international borders without prior authorization. Rental companies may allow drivers to drive into a country if they pay a fee and notify beforehand. Crossing the border without approval could lead to legal troubles for the renters. 

Protecting Devices

International travel could mean being in locations with weaker cybersecurity laws. Business travelers often bring electronic devices with sensitive information, so protecting them is critical. Research shows cybercrime costs the world $6 trillion annually, so focusing on cybersecurity is worthwhile for companies. 

Before departing, employees must check their devices for updates and ensure they have the latest security patches. Then travelers should encrypt all of the devices in case thieves do get a hold of sensitive data. Hotels and other public places likely have public Wi-Fi, so patrons should use virtual private networks (VPNs) and ensure their connection is secure before using the internet for business. 

Meetings and presentations may occur in hotel conference rooms and unfamiliar places. It’s wise to bring power strips and adapters to ensure employees can charge devices like laptops and tablets. The hotel may have limited working electrical outlets, so power strips are an excellent backup plan for peace of mind. 

Ensure Portability

Business trips require constant access to technological devices — primarily for safety and contacting the company headquarters back home. Travelers need to ensure portability with their devices in a couple of ways. 

First, the trip planners should provide employees with portable chargers for the trip. These travelers may be away from the hotel for long stretches without access to an electrical outlet. They need to have a portable charger to ensure their devices can charge no matter where they are. 

Next, employees must ensure they have portability with their files. The internet may be unreliable in the hotel or wherever travelers go, so business leaders should allow their employees to access specific documents and other materials offline for presentations or conferences. 

Using Downtime Wisely

Some companies give employees flexibility on business trips and allow time for themselves. Employees may visit Japan, France or Argentina for the first time and want to see the sites while focusing on business. Business leaders should encourage employees to use their downtime wisely and have fun. 

Organizations should use business trips to promote mindfulness while traveling and having enlightening experiences. For example, business leaders could give employees a travel journal to record their thoughts while sightseeing. The travelers will return with incredible stories to tell their co-workers and family while seeing a boost in morale.

Traveling With Efficiency in Mind

Business trips are an exciting time for employees. They’ll see new parts of the world and meet other industry professionals. However, these trips can induce anxiety if planners don’t make the proper arrangements. 

Getting through security and ensuring electronics work overseas can be challenging. Businesses should equip their employees with these seven tips for stress-free travel. 

Big D


Dallas, Texas. There is a lot associated with this city in the Lone Star State. Among common associations typically thought of when the city is brought up in conversation include buildings with breathtaking views creating an unforgettable skyline, skyscraper-like freeways, and southern pride some consider to be arrogant beyond reason.

There is a reason behind these common associations, though. Dallas, Texas offers an experience unlike most southern cities–and not just because of the plethora of mouthwatering food options presented every half-mile or the fact that it is home to the Dallas Cowboys football team. Dallas is a place where diversity thrives, and the nightlife never disappoints.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing cocktail with even more refreshing views or a meal that is simply unforgettable as far as food and company are concerned, you can consider yourself lucky to be in this city for business. We’ve rounded up the top spots and things to do while you take care of business. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the gems found in Dallas, and we highly encourage a trip back to the Big D for pleasure instead of business to get the full experience. For now, these will do justice.

Atwater Alley

If you’re interested in experience, look no further than Atwater Alley. Located in the heart of Dallas off of McKinney Avenue, this speakeasy-style spot is sure to provide an experience you’ll share back home. The ambiance and atmosphere found in Atwater Alley set the mood for relaxation and nostalgia while the cocktails are carefully crafted with pride. Know going in that this speakeasy is not intended to accommodate hundreds or even a couple of dozen patrons. Space is limited but the experience–and did we mention the cocktails?–makes Atwater a must on our list of things to do while in Dallas. If you are craving a traditional old fashioned paired with a unique, relaxing environment, Atwater is sure to satisfy.


Looking for something on the upbeat, modern-chic side? STIRR is sure to meet your needs. From their signature brunch, lunch and dinner menus to their impressive and unique cocktail selection, STIRR leaves the taste buds of its patrons wanting more of the deliciousness it has to offer. Located in Deep Ellum, STIRR Dallas offers visitors a grand view on its rooftop with the perfect ambiance to pair with the meal. If you’re up for a couple of flights of stairs, keep your eyes carefully on every stair as each reveals an uplifting or quirky message that adds to the STIRR experience.

Dallas Museum of Art

Ah, the DMA. This museum offers a different kind of experience for out-of-towners and locals alike with free daily general admission as late as 9 p.m. on Thursdays and 11 p.m. on “Late Night Fridays.” The DMA features more than 25,000 fascinating pieces—from Islamic art, arts of the Americas and contemporary art to arts of Africa and Asia, classical art, Texas art and much more. When considering a visit to the DMA, be sure to check out the latest exhibition. Each provides a new, intimate and thought-provoking experience to the visitor and are limited-time opportunities.

Reunion Tower

A classic staple for the Dallas visitor, the Reunion Tower really speaks for itself once you take a glance at all 561 feet of its beauty and radiance. Great for dinner and drinks, this experience might not be your first choice for a solo visit but will definitely “wow” your clients if you’re looking to accommodate an unforgettable dining experience at Wolf Gang Puck’s Five Sixty Restaurant. If you do find yourself seeking a solo light dinner and drink, Cloud Nine can accommodate your needs while providing a revolving view and relaxing ambiance. And we can’t forget to mention the Ge-O Deck offering 360-degree panoramic views of the big D.

The Mansion Bar

Located in the prestigious Turtle Creek region in Dallas, the sophisticated Mansion Bar takes pride to a whole new level with its cognac-colored leather walls, Texas countryside art pieces and equestrian-themed décor. The Mansion offers visitors both modern and classic vintage cocktails, but it’s recommended to try the Mansion Gin & Tonic for a refreshed and unmatched experience. If you’re seeking more than the average beer, Texas craft breweries keep The Mansion’s beer variety tantalizing while the award-winning wine program featuring hand-selected reds, whites and sparkling wines. Happy hour is Monday through Friday, 4-7 p.m., with live music to pair with your cocktail of choice on selected days. Once you experience the hospitality, elegance and delightfulness here, you’ll want to come back.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Known across Texas for its take on other cuisines including barbecue, seafood and Mexican food, the Pappas Bros. experience flaunts that it really can do it all. The family owned and operated Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is known as the premier steakhouse for Dallas and Houston, offering dry-aged steaks that are never pre-packaged and a selection of more than 3,500 wines. In fact, Pappas dry ages its own meats for a minimum of 28 days and employs two butchers at each restaurant solely for quality and portion control. Recognized by the Food Network as a “Top 5 Steaks in America” location, Pappas is known for a New York strip that packs 32-ounces of mouth-watering greatness. If you have room left once the steak has been polished off, finish the meal with the comforting and delectable warm peach cobbler. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you’re new to the Big D or just visiting for a couple of days, do yourself (and your taste buds) a favor by giving these places a visit. It goes without saying that everything really is “bigger in Texas” and these are just a few of the hundreds of spots Dallas, Texas, residents attribute to their Texas-sized state pride.


Rich in history, food and culture, Atlanta is a city that never seems to disappoint visitors. You’ll discover a variety of things to do if you’ve found yourself in Atlanta with time to kill in between meetings and conferences. Bring your appetite, a comfy pair of shoes and plenty of camera space as Atlanta boasts some of the most beautiful things to eat, see and experience. Global Trade magazine took time to vet the best spots to visit while maximizing your Atlanta experience after-hours—whether you’re seeking fancy cocktails, thrills at new heights or simply wanting to learn more about the city’s robust history. 

Centennial Park District

Take the time to unwind while taking in breathtaking views at The Glenn Hotel’s SkyLounge. This distinguished rooftop experience is among the top 23 in the world, as voted by, and among the top five in Atlanta according to Forbes Travel Guide. Located in the heart of the city in Centennial Park District, SkyLounge offers unmatched views paired with a refreshing variety of perfectly crafted drinks to satisfy any cocktail lover’s taste buds. If you’re seeking more sustenance during your visit to The Glenn, stop by Glenn’s Kitchen for a tasty meal doused in Southern style for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Seeking more heights? Take a stroll over to the SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel on Luckie Street. Towering 20 stories high, it boasts 42 gondolas with temperature-controlled features. Feeling fancy? Take advantage of the VIP gondola and enjoy Ferrari-style seats and a glass floor to enhance the experience. 

If you’re a sports fanatic, look no farther than the College Football Hall of Fame located just off of Marietta Street. Be fair warned, however, and bring yourself dressed appropriately with a comfy pair of shoes if you dare give the Indoor Running Field a try. Test your skills by kicking a field goal or challenge yourself to the obstacle course. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t demand your inner athlete, take your college football team pride to the next level at The Quad, where you can register your team of choice and watch it light up on a three-story helmet wall. There’s also the “Game of Your Life” 4K feature film showing at the Game Day Theater, bringing the big screen to life with all the college football action your heart desires. 

Old Fourth Ward

If you’re a history buff and seeking a region rich in history and heritage, exploring the sites and monuments in the Old Fourth Ward are well worth your time. Established in the 1800s, Old Fourth Ward boasts the very historic birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. Visitors get the opportunity to experience the very home he grew up in and the church he preached at, Ebenezer Baptist Church at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park, also known as “Atlanta’s Top Tourist Destination” by the National Park Service. Take a moment to appreciate the Behold Monument unveiled by the civil rights martyr’s wife, Coretta Scott King, or the beautiful World Peace Rose Garden featuring themes of peace and non-violence through 185 different kinds of roses with unique colors and scents.

Once your craving for history is satisfied, take your appetite for a trip to the Ponce City Market Food Hall, where you can find options ranging from Indian street food, Szechuan-style cuisine, Asian favorites, traditional American dishes, Southern favorites and an impressive elevated craft beer garden at Nine Mile Station. Boasting views that pair well with the beer or cocktail of your choice, if you’re in town on the right day, you might even be able to catch the weekly cult classic film featured on the rooftop. You won’t regret visiting Ponce City Market and might even find yourself going back for seconds. Did we mention there’s also a wine tasting room? 

If the weight of a business trip starts to get heavy, what better way to alleviate it than with laughter? Head on over to Dad’s Garage Theater in the Little Five Points neighborhood for some uniquely showcased humor from classic improv to sketch. It goes without saying, there’s a lot to do in this part of the city. 

Buckhead District 

Buckhead is sure to please those seeking a fancier Atlanta experience–from shopping and fine dining, to historical sites and classy cocktails–all paired with modern landscapes and a refreshing atmosphere that can’t be overlooked when in Atlanta. 

If you have an appreciation for a fine bourbon and fancy atmosphere, be sure to check out the Southern Art and Bourbon Bar in Buckhead. Southern Art takes a different approach to cooking and boasts a fresh cuisine experience with the finest versions of Southern favorites that rely on the seasons to determine their character. Considering Southern Art was founded by Art Smith–known for serving as Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef for a decade–this choice spot is definitely worth a visit that will leave guests satisfied and impressed. If you’re stuck wondering what to do on a Friday or Saturday evening, Southern Art has you covered through its weekly featured “Bourbon Bar Unplugged” with live music and entertainment up until midnight. 

For another taste of history, be sure to give the Atlanta History Center a visit and plan to spend a generous amount of time exploring attractions such as the 1928 Swan House, the Smith Family Farm, the Margaret Mitchell House, and 33 acres of breathtaking gardens, woods and nature’s beauty at the Goizueta Gardens. 

Finish off the night with an elegant cocktail atop the W Atlanta’s Whiskey Blue Bar that sits 125 feet above the city skyline, where you can take in the scenery at one of the two offered patios. If you’re curious about what’s inside, head over and enjoy a cozy yet chic experience at the W’s Living Room Cook Hall or lounge area. 

With Southern hospitality at the forefront of ATL culture, you’re bound to find some interesting and kind folks to mingle with. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.