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Flow Water Creates At-Sea Solution for Bulkers

Flow Water Creates At-Sea Solution for Bulkers

Ballast Water Management System, FlowSafe, now has the capability for at-sea installation, eliminating the need for new pipework. Flow Water Technologies took on a challenge presented by a customer, re-visited FlowSafe’s fitting functionality and created a carbon offset neutral solution for bulkers with Gravity discharge pumps.

“A ship management company put across the problem of Gravity discharge valves on bulkers and asked us how we would overcome the issue without having to introduce new pipework to the vessel,” said Mark Hadfield, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flow Water Technologies Ltd. “FlowSafe can be installed initially on the main ballast line just like any other system, but being an active substance, the TRO needs to be measured before discharge.”

“The design of the FlowSafe BWMS allows for the TRO to be measured from in-tank and, if needed, the neutralisation of the active substance can be sent to each tank individually without altering the existing pipework. This way the gravity de-ballasting can be used as normal.”

“We are confident that this is another design from Flow Water that will favour the shipowners’ pocket for installation costs.”


Source: Flow Water Technologies