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Traits of Reliable Customs Clearance Agents


Traits of Reliable Customs Clearance Agents

Do you know anything about freight forwarding companies and customs clearance agents? If you are getting ready to ship your belongings abroad, you need to get familiarized with these two notions. In order to complete a successful freight forwarding process, choosing reliable customs clearance agents is essential. These entities are essentially agents who specifically handle the customs clearance aspect of the shipping process. Given how your belongings will be in the hands of customs clearance – you want them to be experienced and trustworthy.

Every shipment delay can turn out to be harmful to you, whether you are a trader or just an individual trying to send goods overseas. And customs brokers are there to help your shipment avoid latency and to clear the goods you want to have shipped from all ports and officials.

So, what kind of traits should you look for when searching for a reliable freight forwarder? Let’s take a look at some of the things you should pay attention to.

Experienced customs clearing agents should be able to handle every organizational challenge

One of the most significant traits of reliable customs clearance agents is the organizational skills they possess. Your customs brokers need to be organized and able to handle each and every piece of shipping documentation. All of the services they offer should be tackled efficiently and in an organized manner. You, as a client, will be the one who pays the ultimate price if anything during the shipping and clearance process goes wrong and not according to initial plans. Overseas freight forwarding is a serious endeavor and any disorganization may cause great problems. Your goods might even end up being shipped to the wrong country!

Experienced and reliable companies offer insurance for issues such as this one. However, there’s no need to waste any time or money on this tiresome actions. All you need to do is make sure your customs clearance agents don’t lack organizational skills and experience.

Before you hire a customs clearance agent:

Make sure they have a proper license

The customs broker you hire needs to be licensed and approved by the respective country’s government. Naturally, the set of policies, regulations, and rules that are necessary for someone to be a licensed customs clearance agent can vary from one country to another. If we take a look at the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, we can see that it has a set of strict rules and policies. So in order to make your freight forwarding process seamless, choosing an agent that has the necessary licenses.

Your customs clearance agent should go through the right training process

Just like in every industry, customs clearance requires trained professionals. In order to possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties, customs brokers need to undergo proper training process. Being a reliable customs clearance agent means being familiar with all the rules and regulations. Also, they should be familiar with trade-related information and understand all the mandatory rules.

Your reliable agent should be updated with the most recent changes in freight forwarding policies

Whether you’ve been aware of this or not, freight forwarding and shipping policies can be really complicated. They are known to be able to cause many headaches to customs clearance agents. So, in order to ensure your shipment has a seamless clearance process, you need to hire agents who keep track of these rules and stay updated with the latest changes in freight forwarding policies and rules. A well-connected and experienced customs broker should have no issues with this requirement.

Whatever goods you need to have forwarded, your agent should have the necessary knowledge about it

No matter what line of industry you are a part of, your agent needs to have knowledge about it. In order to provide you with a professional piece of advice about your shipments and merchandise, your chosen customs clearance agent ought to be well-informed about the type of goods you are having forwarded. Since they have so many responsibilities when it comes to your merchandise, they need to know essential information about it.

There are certainly many benefits of hiring responsible, experienced and reliable customs clearance agents. But you need to be careful and choose the right one – your goods and the entire process of your shipment may become jeopardized if you make the wrong choice. So, try not to rush things. Take your time and make sure your agent has all the traits that mark a reliable customs broker. You won’t regret doing so.


Jamie Lynch is a blogger and freelance content writer. His years of experience working with international companies such as Kokusai Express Japan have enabled him to share his knowledge about freight forwarding and international shipping.