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Bolloré Logistics Achieves Remarkable Feat: Transporting Massive Drilling Rig from Argentina to Mongolia


Bolloré Logistics Achieves Remarkable Feat: Transporting Massive Drilling Rig from Argentina to Mongolia

Bolloré Logistics Chile has accomplished a remarkable logistical achievement, successfully overseeing the transportation of a colossal mobile drilling rig from Argentina to Mongolia. The rig, comprising five parts with a total volume of 650 cubic meters and an astounding weight of 118 tonnes, posed a significant challenge for the logistics team. The operation, executed in late August of the previous year, required meticulous coordination and collaboration among Bolloré Logistics offices in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China.

Ensuring a seamless door-to-door solution, the team navigated the complex journey through Argentina, Chile, China, and finally, Mongolia. Special trailers were employed to transport the rig’s components through Chile by road, followed by sea transport from Lirquen to Qingdao in China. Subsequently, four trucks transported the machinery to its ultimate destination in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The entire process demanded precise planning and execution to guarantee the rig’s safe arrival without disruptions.

The logistical feat also involved utilizing port machinery storage services to safeguard the rig during transit, ensuring that each component remained secure and intact until the final handover. Jorge Anacona, Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Chile, expressed gratitude to the teams and offices involved, emphasizing the industry’s ability to overcome extraordinary challenges. He highlighted the company’s expertise in managing large-scale logistics projects through the successful implementation of door-to-door solutions.



Bolloré Logistics USA Expands Operations with Eco-Friendly Distribution Center in Ontario, CA

Bolloré Logistics USA Expands Its Footprint with a Sustainable Distribution Center in Ontario, California

Bolloré Logistics USA has recently inaugurated its state-of-the-art Distribution Center in Ontario, California, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to sustainability and customer service. This expansive 111,000 square foot facility is strategically situated near the Ontario International Airport, providing close proximity to Port Los Angeles and Long Beach Port, two of the world’s leading major ports. Its central location also ensures easy access to downtown Los Angeles, the surrounding suburbs, and key interstate freeways connecting to Nevada, North, and South California.

This new Distribution Center is exclusively dedicated to serving the Luxury and Beauty industries, with a focus on enhancing B2B and B2C customer experiences. Bolloré Logistics is determined to expedite time-to-market while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of its operations. The company’s dedicated teams offer comprehensive end-to-end services, including white-glove deliveries and efficient last-mile logistics.

In line with its unwavering commitment to sustainability, the Distribution Center, like other Bolloré Logistics facilities in the USA, is LEED certified. Bolloré Logistics continuously strives to innovate and implement eco-friendly solutions that have a positive impact on the environment. These initiatives encompass reducing, reusing, and recycling packaging materials, efficient management of energy and water resources, and sustainable delivery practices.

Wayne Brohier, Ontario Hub Manager at Bolloré Logistics USA, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “The opening of this new Distribution Center represents a new milestone for Bolloré Logistics’ business in Contract Logistics. Luxury and e-commerce are key verticals in our strategy but also growing markets with new opportunities in the Americas region. Our ambition is now to grow and expand our activities in the Western United States of America, enlarging our presence with new Distribution Centers to support the demands of our current and future customers.”

Bolloré Logistics is a global supply chain provider known for its expertise in warehousing services related to international trade. The company offers high-level contract logistics solutions, with its distribution centers strategically positioned at the crossroads of international trade, catering to industry-specific needs in sectors such as Aerospace, Beauty, and Healthcare.

With its eco-friendly Distribution Center in Ontario, Bolloré Logistics USA is poised to not only meet the evolving needs of its customers but also lead the way in sustainable and responsible supply chain operations.