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Scallog, the French logistics Robotics Specialist, Sets Sail to Conquer the USA in Agreement with Bastian Solutions.


Scallog, the French logistics Robotics Specialist, Sets Sail to Conquer the USA in Agreement with Bastian Solutions.

Under its strategy of international development, Scallog has signed a major commercial agreement with Bastian Solutions, an integrator and one of the world’s top 20 logistics automation solutions providers, to market the Scallog goods-to-person robots for warehouses on the other side of the Atlantic.

Scallog, one of the leading suppliers of logistics robots in France, has
signed an integrator agreement with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, and a long-established intralogistics expert in the USA. The purpose of the agreement is to launch and market Scallog’s goods-to-person robotics solutions in the US. These solutions are designed to meet logistics challenges in a wide range of industries including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, publishing and spare parts.

The American warehouse in the age of agility and flexibility!

The acceleration of eCommerce (up by over 32% according to eMarketer) and the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the supply chain mean that warehouses in the USA are speeding up the automation of their operations to gain agility, shorten delivery times and increase service quality. The North American market has great potential for Scallog as only 5% of warehouses are fully automated and 15%, semi-automated (according to DHL). The Scallog robotic solutions – which compete with Amazon’s Kiva robotic solutions – meet the challenges currently facing logistics operators of automating their order picking process rapidly and flexibly at the lowest possible cost and without affecting their current systems.

The French innovation backed by a recognized intralogistics expert in the USA.

Bastian Solutions has added Scallog’s robotized order picking solutions to its offering in order to meet the growing need for agility and resilience among its logistics operator customers. The benefits of the Scallog solution include an ROI of under two years and flexibility, scalability and upgradability. These were determining factors in Bastian Solutions’ choice of Scallog as its collaborator in the supply of robots to transport shelf units to operators. With Scallog, American logistics operators can now embark on, and grow, their warehouse automation to meet their evolving requirements, spreading their investment and continuing their operations and/or production uninterrupted.

The agreement with Bastian Solutions is part of Scallog’s strategy of phased international development. Joining forces with a well respected local player such as Bastian Solutions gives Scallog more rapid access to the US market due to its partner’s understanding of local conditions and ability to provide local support and high-quality services. Bastian Solutions, an integrator ranked among the world’s top 20 suppliers of logistics automation solutions, employs 1,000
people in 20 national offices and its subsidiaries in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and India. Over 30 of Bastian Solutions’ employees have already been trained in Scallog solutions as part of a skills transfer, and co-marketing activities will begin in the first quarter of 2021.

“This collaboration illustrates a change in scale in our strategy of international expansion, in line with our ambitions for deployment and commercial presence in key markets. The United States represents a new Eldorado for logistics robotics, where our value proposition for the automation of order picking has everything required to meet the growing demand for efficiency, agility and resilience in American warehouses”, says Olivier Rochet, CEO of Scallog.

Olivier adds: “We are delighted to be associated with a recognized intralogistics expert such as Bastian Solutions, which represents the ideal American partner inasmuch as our offerings, expertise, services and values complement each other so well. Bastian Solutions’ position, experience and in-depth knowledge of automation will accelerate the bringing to market, adoption and development of our vertical robotics solutions for the warehouses of the future in the USA – connected, digitalized and robotized”.

“We must continuously add technologies that address the growing demand and changing landscape order fulfillment providers face. Scallog’s technology will help us continue providing our customers with the competitive advantage they need to stay ahead in today’s market. We’re looking forward to introducing Scallog to our global network of clients”, enthuses Marvin Logan, Vice President of Consulting and Integration at Bastian Solutions.

The companies anticipate the first installations of Scallog solutions in the first half of 2021.


About Bastian Solutions:
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is a trusted supply chain integration partner committed to providing clients a competitive advantage by designing and delivering world-class distribution and production solutions. By combining data-driven designs, scalable material handling systems, and innovative software, the company helps clients across a broad spectrum of markets become leaders in their industries. For more information, visit

About Scallog:
Founded in 2013, Scallog is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets robotics solutions for the logistics sector to boost warehouse agility and productivity for 3PL, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing companies. In light of changes in B2C and B2B consumer demand patterns, particularly in terms of product availability and delivery, the Scallog solution helps companies accelerate order picking and absorb peaks in activity, whilst reducing arduous working conditions for employees and helping to phase investment. Its goodsto-person range includes the best “intelligent” decision-making and execution software and mobile robotics, meeting the need of logistics operators to increase order picking flexibility and integrate automation more widely in their warehouses. With over 30 different customers to its name and substantial funds raised, Scallog – the pioneer of scalable, flexible logistics robotics – is now aiming to boost its growth across Europe.