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TimeControl 8 Raises the Bar in Automated Time Management

TimeControl 8 Raises the Bar in Automated Time Management

Managers of medium and large-sized businesses now have the option to utilize a one-of-a-kind time management and resource technology launched by global time management leader, HMS Software. An automated time sheet system called “TimeControl 8” provides a seamless, integrated solutions platform for managers to more efficiently keep tabs on their workforce.

Prior to the launch of TimeControl 8, HMS Software released TimeControl’s first mobile app specifically designed for supervisors and workers to further support efficient management in time tracking operations. Beyond time tracking, TimeControl 8 offers project tracking, human resource tracking, and research tax credit tracking. On a more granular level, information released by HMS Software confirmed the following features are also available:

-“Links to the widely-popular JIRA tool, used for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management. According to Vandersluis, the integration between these two products holds the potential for a revolution in how time is accounted for in software development projects.

-Dynamic data analysis for management of all timesheet data. Instant graphics in numerous formats enable rapid decision-making based on an easy-to-view big picture of where time is being spent.

-A unique resource planning feature that allows managers to not only track actual time reporting data, but also to make plans directly in the system of where future resources are required for maximum efficiency.

-A completely rewritten front-end interface that delivers a new standard in web and mobile designs, providing simplified, at-a-glance overviews of time-tracking data collection.

-Integration with the ARES Prism G2 cost control system  a popular construction project management solution — enabling PRISM cost elements to be tracked by TimeControl, and TimeControl hours and costs to be captured by PRISM for analysis and reporting.”

“Since the release of our first mobile product two years ago, we have received an overwhelming number of requests from clients worldwide for software that enables managers to make enterprise-wide time management decisions on a mobile interface,” said HMS Software President Chris Vandersluis.

“TimeControl 8 uniquely gives supervisors real-time access to key data at their fingertips, enabling them to increase productivity by making accelerated, data-driven decisions anytime and anywhere, using a dynamic and modern interface,” he concludes.

Source: GBPR