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Auto Tariffs Spark Lawsuit Against Department of Commerce

Auto Tariffs Spark Lawsuit Against Department of Commerce

Once again, auto tariffs have made the news. This time, it involves the Cause of Action Institute (CoA), the Department of Commerce , and a lawsuit. The lawsuit, at the request of the CoA, is in response to an information request that the Department of Commerce did not release. Originally, the CoA requested a copy of Commerce Secretary’s final report to the President regarding the Section 232 investigation.

Commerce claims that the information contained in their report justifies the proposed auto-tariffs, but the government refuses to release this report. The public should not have to take the government’s word that the report supports tariffs when the administration withholds the document it claims support its position. The tariffs will harm American consumers and businesses, and the public has a right to see the information contained in the report. We are dedicated to placing this vital information into the public sphere, ensuring that the government complies with its statutory obligations, and we look forward to a robust debate about the merits of the report,” said James Valvo, counsel and senior policy advisor at Cause of Action Institute.

This request occurred on two occasions, with the Department of Commerce stating it wouldn’t release the report to the public. Now the CoA is fighting in the name of transparency by holding the Department of Commerce accountable for not releasing the report within the statutory time-frame.


Auto Tariffs Continue Triggering Concerns

In response to the recent proposed 25 percent auto tariffs on imports in the name of national security, LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza released a lengthy statement highlighting his concern for domestic manufacturers and consumers paying the ultimate price if imposed.

“Tariffs are taxes that hurt consumers. Tariffs on imported cars will increase the cost of those autos, but that would be followed by domestic manufacturers increasing their prices as well – a process we recently saw happen after tariffs were imposed on imported washing machines.”

“These tariffs could also hurt domestic car makers by increasing the costs of parts they use in manufacturing. In the end, families will not be able to avoid paying higher prices for these products, and many people will feel the impact of higher costs.”

“Tariffs like these hurt consumers, and they hurt our economy. We encourage the White House to work to eliminate all tariffs, across the board. Imposing these new taxes now would only hurt the economy and hurt Americans.”

The LIBRE Initiative, established in 2011, is a Texas-based non-partisan, non-profit grassroots organization with a vision to support and educate the Hispanic community with tools for success.

Source: LIBRE Initiative 

Auto Tariffs Take Priority in Latest Statement from AFP

In an effort to prevent and possibly delay the forecasted 25 percent tariff on imported cars, Americans for Prosperity’s President Tim Phillips stresses the negative impacts such actions will impose on the American people.
“Increasing the cost of foreign cars doesn’t make American companies more competitive, it just forces American consumers to pay more. More expensive cars mean more barriers to opportunity for the average family and worker who relies on an affordable car to support a small business, commute to work, visit loved ones, and shuttle kids to school and soccer practice.
In addition to putting a spotlight on the families and citizens that will potentially pay for the impact of the tariffs, Phillips warns of the steep economic factors at hand, including the risk of compromising the current state of the American economy.
“The impact of new auto tariffs would be borne by communities otherwise thriving from tax reform and this administration’s regulatory relief efforts. Piling on more tariffs puts America’s strong economy at risk and further jeopardizes the most vulnerable in our society by inviting retaliation from our trading partners. We urge the administration to abandon the auto tariffs and re-negotiate with the European Union to eliminate all car tariffs.”
Source: Americans for Prosperity