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Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami: What to Expect

Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami: What to Expect

Join leading fabric suppliers, full package manufacturers, and service providers during this year’s Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami event from May 28-30 at the Mana Wynwood Conference Center. With more than 4,000 anticipated visitors, the two-day event will be packed with all things fashion with more than 300 exhibitors from over 15 countries.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to catch a first-hand glance at the fashion color trend forecast for Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 on the show floor as PANTONE Color Institute reveals what’s to come.

“The concept of nesting is fundamental to our very existence. Whether a place of safety, somewhere in our mind’s eye, a collection of people, or not a destination at all, our desire to create a nesting place is deep,” said
Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute and ATSM speaker. “As we color our nest in Autumn/Winter 2020/21, color resounds; rich saturated shades sit alongside strong modern pastels and muted natural color, with texture, reflection and shine acting as integral partners in the way colors are seen and executed.”

At the center stage of the event, a Latin American delegation of apparel and textile producers will seek “near sourcing” opportunities in response to the 15 percent growth rate reported in 2018 for Guatemala.

“With recent geo-political tension and technology changing the global production landscape, an increasing number of companies are looking to Latin America as a viable solution to source apparel and textiles without going overseas. Guatemala alone has seen an explosion of business as a result”, said Lucia Palacios, Director of VESTEX Guatemala.

“Guatemala’s industry saw 15 percent growth in 2018, which means more work is coming to this region, as we can compete with closeness, production flexibility with added value, high productivity and an integrated supply chain,” stated Palacios. “There is an increased market demand for speed of delivery and high-quality products, and Guatemala is able to deliver on all fronts due to its short lead times, access to two ports and use of raw materials mainly from the USA.”

To read more about this year’s Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami event, please visit: ATSM