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One-Million Pound Success

One-Million Pound Success

With the help of three heavy-haul Kenworth trucks, Omega-Morgan of Oregon hauled a combination of nearly one million pounds on a two-day, 47 mile journey from Washington’s Klickitat County to the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Rock Creek substation.

Among the three heavy-haul trucks utilized to pull this off were two Kenworth T800 heavy haulers with a Kenworth C500 in the lead. A fourth heavy hauler was eventually added to the C500 truck in an effort to ensure adequate traction was provided.

“For this transport, there were quite a few obstacles we had to plan for, not to mention two-lane roads that had to be closed,” said Troy Tallent, vice president of operations at Omega Morgan. “For instance, we had to widen the gravel road from 16 feet to 20, and reduce the grade by the rail head (where the transformer was lifted off the railcar and placed in the trailer-cradle) from 16 percent to 15 percent.”

The original plan and final execution of the haul took several months in order to best deploy efforts without sacrificing the quality of the roadways encountered.

“This operation got a lot of attention because of its enormous size,” Tallent said. “What we do is about as heavy as heavy transporting gets. Kenworth trucks are built for these applications, which is why we only run Kenworth trucks in our heavy duty fleet. Nothing can deliver like a Kenworth.”

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Source:  SiefkesPetit Communications