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2019 Technology Drivers Revealed in Dynamic EMS Report

2019 Technology Drivers Revealed in Dynamic EMS Report

A recent report from UK’s Dynamic EMS highlights the ups and downs within the supply chain and component manufacturing during 2018. From consistent acquisitions and mergers to an evergreen political environment and increased technology, the report confirms 2018 consisted of more positive than negative outcomes and predicts trends to look out for during 2019.

A key factor identified in 2018 that will impact 2019 is the  involvement with three Chinese companies, YMTC, Innotron (Hefei Chang Xin) and JHICC’s trial production of DRAMs and NAND flash. It’s reported mass production to China’s first domestic chip will occur well into the first half of the year.

EMS landscaping was confirmed with a 5 percent growth in the European regions, based on the 2017 numbers. Dynamic EMS confirmed a total of 6 percent growth in revenue paired with consistent development and customer market wins.

Technology such as Fintech, IOT, BIOT, Augmented Reality, AI, and other automation initiatives are predicted to continue demanding increased development and advancement for operations. Additionally, the company outlined 3D component printing and trade tariffs with China on the forefront for the future of 2019. More specifically, the company will carefully watch China’s involvement as a component supplier.

Source: Dynamic EMS



ExOne Expands Into Turkey, France and Eastern Europe

North Huntington, PA – The ExOne Company has appointed three new independent sales representatives in Europe for its complete product portfolio, including 3D printing machines, 3D printed products and industrial microwave systems.

The company has appointed HASMAK A. as its independent sales representative in Turkey, Kuttner S.a.r.l. as its independent sales representative in France and BL Metal s.p. as its independent sales representative in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ExOne’s business primarily consists of manufacturing and selling 3D printing machines and printing products to specification for its customers using its in-house 3D printing machines.

The Pennsylvania-based company offers pre-production collaboration and print products for customers through its eight facilities in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the US, and builds 3D printing machines at its facilities in the US and Germany.

ExOne also supplies the associated materials, including consumables and replacement parts, and other services, including training and technical support, necessary for purchasers of its machines to print products.