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  October 13th, 2015 | Written by

Synactive Launches New Liquid UI Efficient Warehousing Application

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  • New app added to SAP Warehouse Management provides barcode-enabled user interface for handheld devices.
  • The warehouse is a very difficult and busy place to capture data for SAP.
  • Synactive solution enables easy capture of shipping and packing information.

Synactive Inc. has today a new offering, Liquid UI Efficient Warehousing packaged application for handheld scanners.

Liquid UI Efficient Warehousing allows packers and shippers to scan goods and materials for movement and shipping directly to the SAP ERP.

With the application, barcodes and receipts from SAP can be printed to any Bluetooth printer and standard and customized transactions are extended to the handheld device. There is no additional web layer added or Telnet server required, so management of Liquid UI on Windows Mobile/CE devices is as simple as managing desktop applications.

“The warehouse is a very difficult and busy place to capture data for SAP,” said Thomas Ewe, Synactive’s CEO. “Our solution empowers organizations and IT to capture crucial information like shipping and packing without incurring undue hardship on shippers and packers. Our solution mobilizes your warehouse team, optimizing them for barcoding by building on existing warehouse management transactions, customizing them, and delivering that connectivity directly to your hardened devices.”

Synactive has 16 years of experience in helping organizations tailor SAP module applications for specific roles. Synactive’s Liquid UI easily extends SAP GUI to mobile and portal environments without additional SAP software, kernel upgrade, or touching of the SAP backend.