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  February 28th, 2017 | Written by

Startup Wants to Revolutionize Material Handling

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  • Swiss startup Avancon SA wants to revolutionize unit handling systems in distribution and logistics centers.
  • Avancon SA just moved into a newly built modern factory.
  • Avancon’s Zone Powered Conveyor system can also communicate with business systems.

The young Swiss startup Avancon SA has set itself the goal to revolutionize the unit handling systems in distribution and logistics centers.

The company offers an innovative conveying system to be distributed worldwide by manufacturers of conveyor systems and logistics system integrators. The system was developed by Dieter Specht, the founder of the Interroll Group.

The auto and computer industries introduce new models every year to attack new markets and attract new customers. But most unit conveyor systems were developed 15, 20, or even 50 years ago.

Now, the founders of the start-up Avancon SA want to revolutionize the conveyor industry with a new and streamlined concept which has been patented worldwide.

Originally, Dieter Specht developed this system for Interroll, but it it didn’t suit that company. So he found two entrepreneurs, Denis Ratz and Daniele Gambetta and established in Ticino,Switzerland, a new start-up under the name Avancon SA (from Avant-garde and Conveyor).

The CEO, Denis Ratz showed the new conveyor system to some large and important manufacturers of conveyor- and logistics-systems and got a very positive response.

“Now we are ready. Everything is finished and tested,” said Ratz. “Several potential customers will visit our large test facility here in Ticino. We believe that the functions and the many advantages of this innovative system will convince them.”

Avancon SA invested in development, machines, molds, patents, and in production. The marketing concept enables an exclusive group of conveyor manufacturers and system integrators worldwide to promote the system under their own label and brand to the final market, the operators of logistics and distribution centers.

“We have just moved into a newly built modern factory, which matches our DNA,” said Ratz. “Here we have a daily capacity production of up to 400 meters conveyor tracks of our new ZPC- system. Anyone who builds conveyor systems by himself can obtain all individual elements from us and so use the patents free of charge. Several customers want to exhibit the new system at one of their upcoming trade fairs.”

ZPC system means Zone Powered Conveyor system, in which each zone is controlled and driven separately, making the system is flexible and adaptable. It is capable of slow or fast transit in any line. The system can also communicate with higher IT or business systems very easily and at significantly reduced installation cost.