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Specialty Cargo

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Founded 1969 | North America | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Two years into new ownership, the 46-year-old dry bulk transportation specialist set company records for safety, service and revenues of $220 million, then announced some goals: perfect safety and service and earnings of $1 billion. A&R currently moves 40 percent of the bulk plastics market; it’s 80 percent of the company’s annual cargo. To expand, A&R will point its 700 tractors, 1,200 trailers, 150 dry bulk intermodal pressurized containers and 550 dry bulk intermodal non-pressurized containers toward general bulk, food grade and liquid chemicals.

Founded 1966 | Global | Non-Asset Based
This global affiliation of regionally renowned logistics and transportation specialists operates in more than 120 countries under organized autonomy designed to empower the expertise and decisiveness of its members in what BDP calls “every market that matters”—although chemicals, retail and consumer, oil and gas, life sciences and health care are clearly emphasized. Services include custom lead logistics, freight forwarding, global trade management and regulatory compliance. Then there’s Centrx Consulting, which deploys “proven six sigma management disciplines” during each endeavor.

Founded 1971 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
A lot of health care simply wouldn’t happen without the logistics component of Cardinal Health’s $91 billion empire. Cardinal Integrated Logistics represents the small moving pieces that move the tools of the medical/surgical profession from where they’re made to where they’re needed—more than 100,000 pharmacies, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, physician offices and even patients’ homes. Along the way, the company’s regulatory expertise and distribution centers—as well as some of its own product lines—enhance quality, efficiency and reduce costs.

Founded 1977 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Citing its size, experience and connection to the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, this customized freight forwarding specialist believes that the larger the cargo, the longer the distance and the more complicated the journey, the better it is qualified. Damco’s 11,000 employees in more than 300 offices across 90 countries (with agents in 30 more) mean people are on the ground wherever needed. They are experts in oil and gas, construction, maritime, mining and heavy machinery, along with training in anti-corruption, code of conduct, competition compliance and foreign-trade compliance.

[Information not provided]
Providing intermodal, truckload, short haul, regional, national, dedicated, warehousing, logistics, air and freight forwarding services, Dart Advantage is joined by four other components—Dart Intermodal, Inc., Dart Transit Co., Dart Advantage Warehousing, Inc. and Dart Portable Storage, Inc.—to form the Dart Network. During three generations of family ownership the company likes to say it has become big enough to handle the challenges and opportunities of your business, and small enough to remember your name.

• TRUE SAVINGS Cardinal Health’s $91 billion empire includes Cardinal Integrated Logistics, which ships products that save lives all over the world.
Cardinal Health’s $91 billion empire includes Cardinal Integrated Logistics, which ships products that save lives all over the world.

Founded 1980 | Domestic | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Approximately 1,000 drivers work day and night shifts at Dupré pulling long tanks filled with various chemicals, gasoline and oil, both crude and processed. These payloads give real meaning to the company motto—“Safe Service That’s Profitable”—and maybe real appreciation for the company that puts its priorities in this order. Over the years, winning safety awards has become a tradition at Dupré. Federal safety regulations are not irritants to be avoided—to the contrary, Dupré treats them like minimum standards, a foundation to be built upon.

[Information not provided]
LeSaint is an active company, expanding through acquisitions and experience, priding itself on know-how, flexibility and letting its service performance levels and the bottom line prove the company’s value to a supply chain. LeSaint’s logistics experience stretches across a variety of industries, where it provides comprehensive solutions to help achieve business objectives, lower costs, enhance customer satisfaction and improve competitiveness. Its focus areas include retail and consumer goods, specialty chemicals, foods and beverages and industrial products with inventory management, 24/7 inventory viewing and transportation management.

Founded 2008 | North America | Asset & Non-Asset Based
With 12 locations adjacent to nine U.S. ports-of-entry offering a full menu of 3PL services and 5 million square feet of warehouse space, the Port Logistics Group is positioned and prepared to facilitate the specific last-mile needs of industries racing to get their high-demand products retail ready. From clothing to consumer electronics and appliances, from auto parts to toys and baby products, the Port Logistics Group can transport, store, inventory, deliver, pick, pack, ship, replenish and, if necessary, return.

Founded 2006 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Among its specialized supply chain solutions, Radiant Global Logistics focuses on automotive and asset recovery/reverse logistics. But a major component of the company resume is logistics support for a variety of domestic defense-related manufacturers and the coordination of U.S. military sales into foreign countries. As a U.S. Department of State ITAR registered manufacturer/exporter and broker, Radiant can help companies meet requirements for shipping U.S. or foreign defense articles. Radiant is in compliance with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Founded 1966 | North America | Asset & Non-Asset Based
A wide range of services is enabled by WSI’s family of companies, each with a specialty—MLS (chemicals), AWC (warehousing/distribution) and FSA (fulfillment services). But WSI boasts that its half-century in paper logistics is peerless. The company supports the complete supply chains of several major paper producers and products from newsprint to toilet tissue. WSI also specializes in satisfied customers—many have been clients for more than 30 years and the current retention rate across all categories is between 80 and 100 percent.

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