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  December 22nd, 2017 | Written by

Smart Shipping Container Technology Comes to North America

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  • Internet-of-things technology transforms standard shipping containers into smart containers.
  • Smart containers save time, increase profitability, and enhance security.
  • A single shipping transaction involves 28 different entities.

SecureSystem GmbH, the German provider of smart shipping container solutions, has announced the launch of its US subsidiary, SecureSystem US, Inc. This step accelerates SecureSystem’s ability to deliver its patented industrial Internet-of-Things technology that transforms standard shipping containers into “smart containers,” saving time, increasing profitability, and enhancing security.

An estimated 20 million shipping containers transport $4 trillion of goods across the world every year, accounting for 90 percent of global trade. Studies show that a single shipping transaction involves an average of 28 different entities including ports, forwarders, carriers and customs agencies.

SecureSystem makes sure that containers are tracked, secured, and functioning properly as they move through this complex ecosystem. The industrial-grade technology, developed and tested by Airbus Defence and Space, uses environmental sensors, physical security sensors, satellite and cellular communication, GPS positioning, and a cloud-based Trust Center security portal to transform containers into connected, interactive units, allowing comprehensive data analytics.

In addition to real-time monitoring of a container’s location, internal conditions, and physical integrity anywhere around the world, SecureSystem’s technology features patented personalized access controls so each container remains sealed until the shipper authorizes the opening of each container. The data generated for each container can also provide customs agencies an additional tool to identify safe containers that qualify for expedited clearance.

“With our new US operations, we can work closely with US flag shippers, manufacturers, logistics facilitators, and the US government to help them meet and exceed their secure shipping goals,” said Frank Fronzeck, CEO of SecureSystem GmbH.

SecureSystem’s industrial-grade units easily attach to container doors in seconds and don’t require any mechanical installation or retrofitting of the container, making it possible for entire fleets of containers to become “smart containers” overnight. These units contain a suite of sensors and communications technology that keep the container in real-time communication with the Trust Center throughout its transport.

SecureSystem US, Inc. is a subsidiary of SecureSystem GmbH, headquartered in Germany and with offices in Japan and Brazil. SecureSystem US is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.